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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Eraserheads reunion concert - Sad news after the 1st set

Yes it is true, I know that everyone of you saw the breaking news that Ely Buendia was rushed to the hospital after 15 songs. And then during the 20 minute break, members of the band, event organizers and Ely's sister showed up on stage and annouced to us that Ely was rushed to the hospital due to his bad condition we noticed during his performance, he becomes emotional on some part of the song, and I know he is crying during the song "Light years", which he lost his balance after removing the guitar and to rest after the 1st set. Then we didn't expected that the condition was worst.

then the organizers apologizes to us, and declares that the concert will end on the 1st set.
and hope that we understand on the situation. Then everyone got in a moment of silence, praying for Ely's health. then we are asked to leave the venue and now the concert ended.'

everyone was sad and we no longer can't do anything but leave.

will post video of that announcement later.

here are some photos of the concert while ago.

more to come tomorrow.

photos by me ( azrael coladilla)

we are here in krispy kreme in boni high, and using RG's asus eeepc and krispy kreme wifi

Eraserheads reunion concert 2008 - Updating Via SMS and Plurk

Since I am away from the PC and internet, I will still post Updates here in my blog via SMS message post in You can see my SMS update below. It will be updated in Real time. I will post updates during the concert tonight. Let's hope that has no hiccups.

Here's a screenchot of my Plurk updates here in my blog, and this is being update via sms. I'm glad that my Globe network has a strong signal in the concert venue. thanks for watching the updates here and thanks for adding me.

below is my text transcript of the live update. 1st seen here in my blog.


from jayda just passed the eheads concert grounds. Security guards every 4meters this early & traffic detours put up []

our fashion show is now goin 2 global cty eheads concert []

traffic in c5. We are in a bus in edsa.goin 2 buendia then walk frm kalayaan to global city.

got info.many people are inline at the venue to buy tickets.long lines in the gen ad and patron. At vip no problem in line. []

me and cerbojam crossed edsa to kalayaan.we hide from the cops. Now we ard walking in kalayaan []

we are in global city.wil take out some food and eat it whle walking []

we just got a ride via fort bus.we can see the spotlight of the concert frm here []

just landed in boni high []

now lining up vip.dame ng tao []

haba ng pila.transfer kame sa left side mas maluwag []

haha.nakapasok na ko.tight security. Bawal balpen.payong.pabango..pero pinabalik ako.dahil wala pa ko vip pila uli sa regist

got my green vip pass sticker wrist band [

we are inside ahaha.just passed 3 security check up.i think we are 20ft away frm d stage.dame tao sa vip []

ahaha.they are playing incubus live and loud dvd on the big screen.there are lots of camera.i think they are recording the entire concert

mas ok location namin.mas elevated. Great view on the sobra taas nakita ako ni jaydj ahaha.galeng! []

omg! A big ten minutes countdown is in the big screen parang larc en ciel grand cros tour. .may heartbeat sound pa ahaha []

it starts..people wild,intro alapaap []

ligaya na.ganda ng kwitis

sembreak rec d audio [

hey jay .nxt song


fruitcake. .mwt. .may digital snow ahaha sa screen

medyo matamlay si ely. Raymund parang joker naka green hair.buddy macho.marcus astig as always. []

toyang na ahaha.

funny komiks pages on screen ahaha.superdog! []

kama supra na nxt

kailan....nakanta na kame

sbe ng mga tao group hug daw.ahaha. . .huwag kang matakot nxt song []

kaliwete ....nxt

wana hear the concert? Call me at .......2 call lang tanggap ko ha

with a smile....

from a blog reader->just want to say thnks bro for keeping ur blog updated with ur sms.its like im in d concert myself. []

looks like raymund enjoy the concert,...shake yer head nxt song. .ely shook his. Nahulog shades..people claping []

may taga suot ng gitara si ely.hwag mo na itanong nxt song []

doesnt really matter...nxt.ahaha.yan b title? []

breaktime in 20min..ely got in major emotion . []

behind us ehra madrigal and beside us borgy manotoc and d ketsup guy []

just reviewed my photos and deleted d bad ones..loko talga si raymund naka wig sya nung una song.long hair kunyari []

concert stopped.ely rushed to the hospital..we are now prayng []

evryone claps n exit d venue.tnx eheads,ely get wel soon []

last song pala title ay light years.aftr the song dyan parang nabuwal si ely sa stage.parang collapse []

Eraserheads reunion concert 2008 - soundcheck and practice video (SEMBREAK)

I just stumbled this video before I go out today.

video is coutesy of toni, posted now in her multiply

The Eraserheads - Ely,Marcus, Buddy and Raymund - the music didn't change!!!! it feel so good....

gusto ko ng mapamura dito hahahahahahaha

kita kits mga kapatid!

Edit 1:
After doing some research, i found out that the video above is from Quark Henares's Youtube

The Eraserheads Reunion Soundcheck - Ziggy Stardust

Eraserheads reunion concert 2008 - Full battle gear tonight

Tonight is the big day! and I know everyone is going crazy and excited for the concert, and my feelings today is not that good. but it's okay, I will be go back to my old self after I hear the first note. I will be a high school student tonight! hahhahah listening the old tunes and timeless music of Eheads will transform everyone back to the past and it will be memorable event for all music fans.

I'm now here at home and recharging my batteries, I might not update this blog tonight, because I will leave my laptop at home and bring only extra stuff for the big gig tonight. But your blogger is not yet done!, this blogger is in full battle gear, so here are my list of stuff that I'll bring at the event.

1. Camera ( Olympus SP 500) - although they prohibit DSLR, my camera is not a DSLR. (semi lang)
2. Mp3 recorder (Creative Zen) - to record the entire concert...damn forgot to recharge this.
3. 8 pieces of rechargeable batteries ( Energizer and Duracel ) - for my camera's life
4. Extra XD memory card ( Fujitsu and Olympus) - for media files storage for my camera
5. Extra tshirt
6. Jacket - just to be prepared if a big rain hit us
7. umbrella - the folding umbrella is a good item, easy to carry and not bulky
8. bag - to store all my stuff
9. plastic bag - lots of plastic bag on each of my item, just to protect them if a big soaky rain comes
10. cellphone (Nokia) - for instant communication, if you want to hear the concert, just call me ahhaha ( line is open, but a little pasa load will help me hahaha kidding)
11. Identification card - I need this in order for me to enter the VIP, my name is listed there.
12. Extra ID. - just to make sure
13. Birth certificate - just to make sure again... supporting documents are effective
14. rubber shoes (Nike) - black and ready to rumble shoes for a muddy ground
15. money - transportation and food budget
16. memory card reader - just in case you need to upload on the fly, (if your friend brought his laptop)
17. Seattles Best coffee discount card - haahhaha, will go to Boni High after the concert to rest and refresh
18. Coffee Bean and Tea leaves discount card - just incase SBC is full, I'll go to CBTL (meron ba sa boni high? )
19. Shades (i2ii New York ) - I never leave home without it
20. Cap (Animax) - just to protect my head, warm me up if ever a big rain falls down.
21. wrist watch (Columbia) - water resistant, electronic watch with LED display and backlight will help me monitor my time.
22. wallet - to store my bus tickets ( kidding hahahaha)
23. GPASS - Mrt ride for the fast lane
24. hmm if ever I forgot something, I'll post it here.

so okay, I think I'm ready, too bad that the Casio Exilim will be absent tonight, the owner will be using it this afternoon, and I'll leave it here at home. Too bad..... now we don't have a video for everyone. But I might take one video, just to document and have one for everyone.

okay... i'll take my breakfast now, will update you all tonight after I get home.

be safe everyone!!!! thanks for reading and supporting my blog


on the other note

The Line
The ticket line at NBS Megamall had reached the 3rd floor of the mall, many ticket buyers fall in line just to buy tickets, some people noticed that the service of getting the ticket is so slow, I know it will be slow, because they need to print the ticket and check if they have stocks. Heard also yesterday that they needed to re-stock the tickets and it got ran out after a hundred of people who bought it yesterday. From 20 people in line in the morning, up to a hundred in the evening, multiply it and thats number of people coming for the concert tonight.

The Dawn
I was so stupid to go home early last night, but its okay because I'm already dead tired and needed to rest. Marc and my sister Misyel texted me and said that they got in touch with Buddy Zabala, bassist for the Eraserheads, and me forgot that Buddy will be there at the 4th Backdoor Ventures Arts and Music festival for the The Dawn band, and then there.. they had a photo with Buddy and said to each other "see you tomorrow". you can see the Dawn's photo last night here

read her blog here

and also before I end my blog post. check out the video below shared to us by crosspoint who just posted this link in luiskatigbak's multiply, which I read that he just watched a warm up practice of the Eheads last night.

ERASERHEADS on "Probe presents Ang Himig Natin" (1996)
excerpts from "Probe presents Ang Himig Natin" (1996)
Network/Channel: ABS-CBN
Courtesy of The Schizo Archives

Friday, August 29, 2008

Get ROAM magazine - nOW!!!!!

guys...grab the maiden issue of ROAM magazine!

yes...i have something there in the maiden issue...

support me!! support us!! buy the ROAM mag!

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Revel our special features on the chronicled Intramuros, oddballs of Cubao X, rave of Manila nightlife, rekindled balut industry in Pateros, and the legends of the Luneta photographers.

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ROAM magazine is available in the major bookstores and newsstands. Hit us your comments, suggestions, and spankin' violent reactions to or ring us at 8935787 or 8939305.
(kuha ko lang sa post ni natassia )

Eraserheads reunion concert 2008 - I got spoiled for the concert program

a non spoiler post.

hahhah.. just heard about this production sa concert..
grabe.kainis na spoiled ako...alam ko na yung mangyayari sa start ng concert.

too bad I can't blog this..too much info and very revealing na.

nakakamangha na talaga yung magiging production ng concert.
whhoohoh..... the lights! look at those lights! lasers and big monitors behind

parang matindi pag ka spoil ito than Dark Knight or Superman Returns movie hahahahaha

I just heard that there is still a possibility that the concert can be postponed or cancelled, due to that the event is still tomorrow and still more time to pull out the event, I just talk to some people and the security is super tight, because there are some protesters will be there outside the event, I think they are the tobacco-DOH ek ek protesters, I dont know what's the name of their group.

I just wish that everyone will be safe, and wait! there's a big line now in NBS Megamall, many people are in line buying the concert tickets, will provide photos later , as my photographer is there to take pictures in Megamall.

- azrael

Eraserhead reunion concert 2008 - Concert venue map and layout

click the image to enlarge.

That's the official guide for the concert layout and you can see the entrance location, and wow didn't know that there is a SVIP section. wow! much closer to the stage

this map came from Makoy, posted in his blog. thanks man for this info.

also, this blog appeared in TV 5 last night, in their top 10 news, and they feature some blogs that is hot now for the Eheads concert news. Thanks TV 5 !

to all Eheads fans with tickets - post it here

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
from Ryder

lets have a short and simple Eheads activity

if you have a ticket of the concert. take a photo of you and the ticket and post it here!

upload the photo to any image file sharing site. photobucket, multiply or imageshack

post the embed image here.

and if you are in the VIP list, dont post here.. just to prevent some major Identity theft

forward this page to your friends...

let the countdown begin!

you may post it here in the comments board

or post it here in my multiply page if you have an account.

Third Eye Blind concert in Manila for the Sept. 5 kick off event of San Miguel Beer Oktuberfest

September 5, 2008 will never be the same again, as the the popular American alternative rock band - Third Eye Blind will be having a big concert along with the Filipino rock band inline with the kick off of the San Miguel Beer Oktoberfest Siento Bente, it means that it will be 120 days or 4 months celebration of the annual San Miguel Beer Oktoberfest. It is the biggest and grandest and long running fiesta of friends and barkada here in the Philippines, and plus the annual fiesta is now recognized by the Department of Tourism, and it is now official.

The venue of the kick off event will be in the street of San Miguel Avenue in Ortias, big 4 stages wll be set up, and on each stage will have a different showcase of style of music, so that everyone can enjoy any kind of music styles from pop, rock, reggae, acoustic and alternative music. It will be the biggest kick off event and I know all of you are excited on this.

The line up of bands on September 5 is composed of over 40 bands, including Third Eye Blind and also our finest Filipino rock bands like Rivermaya, The Dawn, Afterimage, Nyoy Volante, Paolo Santos, Jimmy Bondoc, Nina, Rico Blanco, and many more, these bands will be there to perform for everyone and also in celebration of the big feast.

Also at the event, there will be games and booths for everyone, there are games like play with the champions. Play and try to beat Efren "Bata" Reyes and PBA hardcourt stars.

And the event will be attempting a Guinesss Book of World Record attempt in having the world largest Beer bar and beer-toasting with the crowd. All Filipinos are invited to come and participate for another Philippine glory and history.

For those of you are out of Manila, the San Miguel Oktoberfest will have its own celebration in some major provinces. Browman Revival, Itchyworms, Kamikazee, Parokya ni Edgar and Sugarfree in mactan Economic Zone 1, Lapu-Lapuy City (Cebu); Capitol Grounds, Iznart St. (Iloilo); Victoria Plaza Parking lot, JP Laurel, Bajada (Davao); R.Magsaysay Drive, EastTapinas (Olongapo); and Paseo de Sta. ROsa activity center (Laguna).

The Oktoberfest 120 is supported by the Department of Tourism, Converse, Toshiba, Focus Media, Cricket Lighters, Bel Aldea and Maravilla.

So ano pa hinihintay nyo?!! di pa tapos ito, will post more great news from San Miguel Oktoberfest!

oh yeah!!!!!!!!! add this now to your calendar..

got poster here

Eraserheads reunion concert 2008 - preview venue of the concert ground in Global City

We just went to Global City open grounds for a short preview of the venue of the Eraserheads 2008 concert and It was awesome to see the whole concert grounds. It looks like a giant space port and we all the lights hanging on top, wires and also LED lights at the back of the stage, looks like that we are expecting a big special effects for the concert, and I'm very excited now for Saturday.

Here's my video blog at the concert ground.

as you can see, there are 16 entrances for concert goers, and it includes the general admission, patron and VIP entrances, the VIP entrance is located infront of the side of the stage, while others are located on the far side of the stage.

The place is big! and we just inspected the area, and saw some cool spot where you can take photos even that you are outside of the venue. The concert stage is really like a space port and the one lacking in the stage design is Mazinger Z or Mekanda Robot standing beside it hahahahah.

might go there again this morning to shoot it in the day time, I went there with my friends Marc and RG just to take a photo of it and see it at night time, We went there on the wrong timing, because the organizers just left and we like to talk to them if we can get a media pass hahahaha...

here are some of my photos in my album at ( link will be posted later)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

preview night - 4th Backdoor Ventures ARTS and MUSIC FESTIVAL

video blog footage

here's a preview for the event, and we are here fixing up the booth and completing all the documents for the booths, I'm hearing lots of sound checks, piano tunes, guitar tunes, drums and violin being tested, nice setup of the stage and here are some photos, and hope we see all at the big feast of mind and senses. Internet connection is good. if everything is smooth, I might stream some scenes here in my blog., and also some actions in my booth.

more photos below

more photos at preview night - 4th Backdoor Ventures ARTS and MUSIC FESTIVAL

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The 4th Backdoor Ventures Arts and Music Festival
August 29,30 & 31 , 2008
Megatrade Hall 3
5th Level, Bldg B, SM Megamall

Eraserheads reunion concert 2008 - Ely Buendia's mom died of cardiac arrest this morning

I just read this in the Eheads mailing list, and everyone are already praying for Ely's mom, to Ely and his family. Many people are suggesting to postpone the concert for Saturday, but now theres a big discussion in the mailing list that what will be the next step for Ely.

condolence to Ely and to his family.

also, Jim Ayson's email post is now being forwarded to all bloggers via sent by comments and private messages, I too received it 5 times already, and here's Jim's post

Hi guys - I got a message from Sancho saying Ely’s mom died this morning - went into a cardiac arrest after surgery. The guy is in grief so prayers, condolences for the man might be in order to give him strength and solace. Those of you who have lost parents know what I mean.


Web comics : The Sith TV - R2D2 vs. Wolverine

check out my impromptu photo web comics featuring Mcdonalds Happy Meal of Star Wars Clone Wars. You may click the link below and scroll down to read the caption of the photos as a web comics. I just created this web comics with out a script, and just rely on the photos I took, the toy has 8 designs and the half of it is composed of Star Wars characters like Yoda, R2D2, Anakin and Darth Vader, other 4 is composed of vehicles and ships like the gunner and other space craft from Star Wars. The character toys are like bubble heads in super deformed forms, they are like keychains that has a string on top of it and you can open then and the body acts like a coin purse compartment. Really cute, so I grabbed two characters and maybe another two characters later.


Darth Vader: Welcome to the Sith TV!

this is Darth Vader and my new apprentice Darth R2D2

R2D2 : we wooo we woo weeeee

Darth Vader: now i will show how powerful is the dark side

R2 : we weooo weoo wooo

Vader: thats right, Darth R2D2 will be having his own test to prove how powerful the sith

Vader :(hush "now all you have to that...when..........okay?)

R2: weoooooooooooo (means okay)

Vader: ok be ready for your final test

R2 : we weoooooo

Logan : ohhhh whats this..a tin can ?

Logan : hmmm.....

Logan : let me push this button to see whats inside

Logan: what?! no hologram ?? no display???

Logan : no dancing princess???? no special message to me???

Logan: stupid little tin can...ill open you up.. *SNIKT

R2: weee wooo weoooo weeoooo brrrrrrrrrrr

Logan: hey! where are ya goin punk!

R2D2 : wahhhhhhhhhh *uses Sith power

R2: we weoo weoo weooo ( never mess with the Darth droid)

Logan : ughhh...what the hell happened? huh? theres a tin can here /////// The end.

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Collect them all!

Eheads concert - blog coverage website

I just created a new domain name ( well, I just kinda re-directed it) for all of the Eraserheads concert 2008 news, blogs, updates, tickets, info, tv videos, etc.....


if you need news..... faster than TV and newspaper... just refer to that link
will update more tomorrow.... promise!


Eraserheads reunion concert 2008 - I'm on the VIP list and stage set up preview

It was around 2am in the morning when I got a real time update on the VIP list, and then finally! at last, we got confirmed and we are now in the VIP list, the golden word is that " both in" and "Lace is in" hahaha cool di ba?, and we will be there as promised by Makoy, get in for FREE, we just need to bring ID and head to the designated entrance on the side of the stage. thanks so much Makoy! your'e our hero.

above is a preview photos of the stage set up that's been happening already and that's Makoy aka Marcus Adoro, guitarist of Eraserheads. He just posted that one of two photos of him after their emergency meeting on site of the concert ground. The stage looks big and the lights are so awesome, can't imagine what it will look like on the night of the concert.

damn! this will be the biggest concert of the year.

I might cry on the 1st song! ahahahaha, isn't it "Futuristic" the 1st song? hmmm (just recalled it, during my early blog updates, got it from Makoy's blog post)

oh well., the tickets are still on sale, my advice to everyone is to grab it while supply last.
and now for the energy to sleep, because been worried about this VIP listing and already lost my day job due to the massive excitement...arghh long live pinoy music!

photo source

and now! I can rejoice with the people who got their tickets and VIP listings.

for the coverage of the concert, I really promised that the coverage here in my blog will be the most detailed part ever in the history of concert.

I will use Twitter and Plurk for instant sms updates of the concert on Saturday.
but first before I go there, need to gear up for our 4th Backdoor Ventures ARTS and MUSIC FESTIVAL happening on Aug29-31, 2008 at the Megatrade Hall 3, SM Megamall. and oh many... I have a feeling that Juan Dela Cruz band is on the 30th too , no kidding bros.

if you have the time, feel free to check all events, concert and festivals.

[EVENT] Level Up! Live 2008: Rise of The Gaming Gods

(click the image to enlarge)

Got this poster and info from Hazel, and with her permission I'm posting it here for everyone, I missed already 2 Level Up! Live events and I remember that the first Level up! Live that I attended make me totally wow and saw the super big crowd of gamers, and started to think that I got left out in online games, but its okay, I got to enjoy watching the live tournaments which is the big highlight of the event, the booths, the artist booth, the exhibits and cosplay.

The next event will be on October 18-19, 2008 at the World Trade Center. ( read more info below)


October 18-19, 2008 World Trade Center
Roxas Blvd., Pasay City

Level Up! Live 2008: Rise of The Gaming Gods is just around the corner and the heat of the competition is already on! Excitement is fever pitched as the players get ready for the final series of tournaments. Watch out for who will reign supreme on the playing fields of RF Online, Perfect World, Freestyle, Flyff, and the most-anticipated and grandest gaming tournament on this side of the world -- the Ragnarok World Championship 2008!

But don’t forget that Level Up! Live 2008 is not just about the tournaments. To add even more excitement in each day of the event, make sure you head on over to witness all the incredible Level Up! Live Side Events and join the awesome activities.





Aside from all the exciting tournaments, Level Up! Live 2008 will surely bring in more entertainment with interesting and cool activities to enthrall everyone. LU Live offers a little for everyone, be it the jaw dropping fights, or the cute and entertaining side events. Spend a day at Level Up! Live and experience what is truly shaping up to be a world class event!

For more details about Level Up! Live 2008, visit

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