Movie bloggers 1st press screening

This is our 1st movie screening for 2009, and thanks to Warner Bros. for inviting us at the press screening of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. The screening was held at the Gateway Cineplex 5. Cocktails and food were served for the press, bloggers, movie writers and reviewers in the lounge area of the cinema hallway.

See you all again on the January 13th movie press screening
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Movie bloggers present are:

1. Fran+Paul
2. Iris+Monch
3. Jori
4. Kath+friend
5. Rowena+husband
6. Karen
7. Marcelle
8. Bob+wife
9. Spanx
10. Janine+Ria
11. Ada+Monique
12. Gian
13. Gab+Edward
14. Lace+Mark Santos
15. Azrael_Chris
16. Trixie+Carl
17. Jonel+Mark Cerbo
18. Arpee+Jun
19. Juned
20. Fjordz+friend

For list of the bloggers movie reviews . please click at My Movie review

Press Screening of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button @ Gateway Cineplex

Carl's album - The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button