Eraserheads concert - the Final Set - the after party

I have an invitation from SMART and got in at 7 Pecados in Sofitel for the Eraserheads concert After Party, we arrived at the venue hours after the concert, I just got lucky to grab a taxi cab in Blue Wave, so we tried fitting 7 people in one cab, then we arrived at the venue, and my ticket invites is good but I failed in the required dress code, I was wearing my six pockets shorts and they say that they are very stricted on the dress code, I told them that I didn't know that there is a dress and I didn't even know that the party will be in Sofitel, so Mr. Jojo, the manager of the bar is kind to let me borrow a black pants with a size of 27, and I just can't believe on how did I wear a size 27 pants vs. my 37 waistline hahaha, will do the impossible just to get in.

We saw Ely Buendia having some photo ops with people and industy personalities, I grabbed our drinks and sat on the table and rest for awhile then listen to some young band playing live eheads cover music, then my Misyel and Weng got a photo with Ely and Buddy, then I sneaked from the behind of Marcus to meet him and introduce myself, I was very shy at first but then after I got his attention, he was suprised to know that I'm the man behind that blogger in multipl, he said that all my posts are cool and told me if that was my job, I said to him that it wasn't my job, I just love to publish and write stuff, the I finally thank him for the VIP pass from last year's concert and it was great to meet him at last, he said to me that he doesn't go out much in these days thats why he put some hours in blogging in multiply.
Then got a chat with Day Cabuhat, Pupil's band manager,(Pupil is Ely Buendia's band today) I finally thank her in everything and she joked me on for not checking my emails everyday ahhaa,I just excused myself and told her that I was in the province at that time, I read it so late thats why I wasn't able to go to the Eheads presscon. Then met an old friend, Bernard, tech guy of Pupil, After the chat, he just offered to me that he can ask Ely to have a photo with me, I was shy and the road manager already told the people in there that the photo ops are over, but lucky me got a photo op with Ely at last, and talk a little and shook his hand and saying lots of congratulations. wow! thanks guys!

I still have this big Eheads hang over, lots of photos to upload, lots of videos to review and lots of audio concert recording to be edited, will post everthing online.

til the next Eheads update.

moer photos at Eraserheads concert After Party @ 7Pecados, Sofitel