Wolfgang is the night tonight

I just want to post this and question myself that - " what I am doing here? I haven't seen any Wolfgang concert or live performance ever in my life".

Wolfgang is the next rock band I like and I'm a big fan of the band since the years of cassette tapes and long hair head banging music and sounds. I just let go 2 or 3 live concerts of Wolfgang and now I'm letting go another concert and kinda sucks that I already forgot to get a ticket and I really want to watch it and maybe this is my last chance to see them perform live. But I am now hoping that there will be another concert and I am promising myself not to let it go again.

I just don't remember how I discover Wolfgang in my music history, maybe the FM rock radio channel gives a big follow up and influence to grab their album. I like their old albums and I live to listen to it even if they have new music this generation. I remember that I record on tape their concert act in Mendiola, the live performance was broadcasted via FM radio, but sad to say that my cassette tape is lost and I think our neighboring driver took it in our vehicle during my high school years. It kinda sucks to know that guy, our driver, stole it from our car cassette player. I remember too, that I even record on video VHS some of their live performance hahhaha, I'm not sure what show or event, but the performance was great on TV.

Here's a funny scene that I almost fainted, I was with my balikbayan cousin and got invited to visit his family friend who lives in Alabang, then we got in to his friend's carpool and drove all the way to Alabang, we got invited to join them with their friends and brothers in one house in Alabang, then my cousin's friend told me that if I ever listen and like Wolfgang, then I replied, "yeah! I love the band,actually I just listened to their 2nd album at home this morning", then she replied "you know Manuel?", then I said " yeah, the guitar guy of Wolfgang", and she said "he's my cousin!", and I said, "whoaaaaa" , and she said " we're going to their house to have some fun", and after hearing it, I almost melted in my seat inside the car ahhahahhaa. Then there I found out that they cut their long hairs and it was the first appearance way before on media or event to discover that they now sported a new look, short hair Wolfgang. I met Manuel and then I just can't believe that we play SuperNES Mario Cart aahhahah.

The most embarassing thing is that, I look like a mute for the whole hour and shocked! But those old times were different, you see that I'm not that talking and if ever there's a blog during those late 90's I might even write about it and blog it here haahaha. But glad that blogging funny memories still rocks!

btw, Wolfgang will be having a concert tonight March 19, 2009 at the Music Museum, for tickets and concert details visit http://wolfgangphilippines.multiply.com/journal/item/52/Wolfgang_Tickets_Now_at_Ticketworld_and_Music_Museum_and_ofcourse_here_

photo above is from http://wolfgangphilippines.multiply.com