Back in the blogging circulation

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I'm back and fresh from my trip in Sampaloc, Quezon and I'm still having a hard time checking out and back tracking my activities, events and also for my work. Deadlines are already here and I need to finish everything before April 28th. I have this big factory trip on the 29th and I'm very excited to check it with media friends, its another out of town trip, so expect me running again in the long highway of SLEX and going to Laguna, glad that the transpo is provided by this company.

Also the photo of the camera above is my new partner in blogging and in photography. This brand new baby Olympus E520 is coming and I'm excited to use it and join the DSLR family. I'm now a born Olympus user and will stick to Olympus as soon as the item is good and affordable.

the Olympus Evolt E-520 Black 10 MP DSLR Camera with Zuiko 14-42 mm Lens and Zuiko 40-150 mm Lens will be my tag team partner in the next coming weeks. So the time of learning to photography will eat a lot of my time, because I'll be using a different gadget and must learn more to evolve myself into something more than me. ahahahaa. ( sounds like a part of my keynote address)

see ya around!