my production note for Social Networking and eBusiness Conference 2

Today is the day, that the Lord has made! hooraay! I just finished my powerpoint presentation and its already 6:30am and a few hours away it will be my keynote speech at the Social Networking and eBusiness Conference 2009. I'm having my great spirit today after being lost last night and unbalanced. And as Master Obi Wan Kenobi said " Az, the force is strong in you."

and for a little warm up, here's my answer to bikoyski's Q and A tips for my talk.

2. How these entered the Philippine scene
The users brought the social networking sites here in the Philippines, and because that you can connect to it by the use of the internet, the access and use of the sites is easy to capture any user who is online. And because of the big traffic and number of users in our country, each of the social sites are now in the move to concentrate in our country to power up more of the service and also bring more users.

3. Why are people attracted to these social networking sites...
Many users just go online and find something that it can change their lives, and thats having a partner, a friend or someone that you can tell those stories and they become a good listener. Some users just go to these sites for some entertainment and spend their time surfing and talking to people. They discover many things about their self and the personality changes or enhances them away from being a shy type person. In my experience, I got this fear of talking to people that I don't know and because of social networking sites, I slowly defeated that fear and the sites trained me not to be afraid of talking to people. I remember my mom told me when I was a youngling, everytime that there's a visitor at home I always ran under the table and hide myself there til the visitor goes away. I'm very shy to new people, but because of these sites, I started to shooo away my fear in meeting new people.

4. What are the advantages and disadvantages.
The advantages of social networking sites is that you can meet lots of new people, and when have built your network, you'll become famous and there are many opportunities are coming in for you. You can start your career from that site and get a job from your massive connection to social site users. The disadvantages is that many people are abusing the use of the social sites, like many are posing as a different person and use that other identity to fool people online. Users should be aware of the disadvantages and must be responsible in putting all those information about yourself.

5. What is your experience as a blogger/twitter/plurker etc?
as a blogger, it changes my whole self from a happy go lucky person, into a more responsible, productive and creative individual. I began to contribute and have this big concern in changing the whole nation/country.

6. Would could be the future? Are these threatened by the recent crisis?
The future of social networking sites will evolve more. Users can generate money from it and save them from that crisis. Users who want to have business can serve this as a stepping stone and a learning ground to become a professional business person.

7. How about social networking sites in the future what could they be like...
All I can say is that, the access of the sites can be anywhere and anytime.


whew..that was a quick warm up..
so good luck to me today at the conference..