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Friday, May 08, 2009

Jack TV Animation Festival 2009 (Philippines)


Jack TV Animation Festival 2009
May 16, 2009 ( Saturday)
10AM-12 Midnight
SM City Amphitheater, SM North Edsa
(located near the Sky Garden, SM North Edsa)

At last! I've posted this event and it appeared first in my blog, more updates will be posted soon and I suggest you watch Jack TV and visit their website for some information to be posted there.
They have various activity set-ups as well like Skatepark, Wall Climbing, Art doodle space, photo booth area, exhibits, cartoon screening and TOYS - COMIC Exhibit.

There's also a cosplay contest and I like to invite everyone to join and participate in a cosplay contest portraying any of their favorite cartoon character of Jack TV or WWE wrestlers. Read the rules below, and if you are interested to join the cosplay contest, feel free to post a comment for inquiries here in my blog. ^__^

btw, Toy Con 2009 Roadshow officialy begins here.

Read more below for cosplay rules and guidelines.

1. Jack TV Animations Festival cosplay contest is open to all (Kids, Teens and Adults)

2. Jack TV Animation Festival cosplay contest has 3 categories for the individual cosplay contest.

LXB Best cosplay category
* Samurai Jack, Ben 10, The Batman, Batman Beyond, Justice League unlimited, Justice League America, X-men Evolution, Legion of superheroes, Mucha Lucha, Loonatics unleashed

Situated Animated Comedy cosplay category Programs:
* Family Guy, American Dad, The Simpsons, King of the Hill season, Futurama, Cleaveland Show

WWE cosplay category
* WWE Wrestlers

3. Jack TV Animation Festival cosplay event will be held on May 16 Saturday at SM City Ampitheater, SM North Edsa. REGISTRATION STARTS at 10:00AM up to 3:00 PM only. Cosplay CATWALK will start at 4:00pm, Awarding will be around 6-7pm

4. Jack TV Animation Festival cosplay registration will be via Jack TV Online application ( and during the event on May 16 (10-3pm). Look for the JACK TV registration booth for the contest, ask our marshalls at the gate for information.

5. Send entries online or fill out the necessary form at the registration booth during the event. If you have failed to submit this form, then your entry in the contest is not valid.

For JACK TV INDIVIDUAL Cosplay Category
Category : (LXB, SACK, WWE) ______________________
Full Name:______________________________________
Screen stage Name:_______________________________
Costume/Cosplay character:________________________
Contact Number:________________________________________
Email Address:________________________________________

6. The Jack TV Animation Festival is a general patronage event, we do not allow cosplay models on stage to showcase inappropriate presentation of their costume and character. Meaning no NUDITY, no Kissing, no sexual acting, we prohibit all of these presentations, and all organizers has the right to disqualify and remove the cosplay model off the stage. Anyone who violates rules and regulations will be subject to necessary sanction to be given by the Jack TV team.

7. Costume props, weapons and effects should not be harmful to anyone. We don't allow real life weapons like guns, knives, sword, katanas or anything that is sharp and bladed real life weapon. We allow only replicas and custom made props. Pyrotechnic props are also strictly prohibited at the event.

8. The organizers are not responsible for damage and injury to the cosplay models, we allow the participants to have their own assistant during the cosplay contest and preparation, but we don't allow the assistants catwalking on stage with the cosplay models. But we advise that all must be responsible in using their weapons props before, during and after the contest.

9. JACK TV will provide a dressing room and storage area at the backstage guarded by security and marshalls. But the organizers are not responsible for any loss of items and props.

10. A registered JACK TV cosplay participant agrees to follow all rules of the contest and also allow the public, press and media the authority to take photos and videos of all participants. The organizers has the right to document the whole contest proper and its participants in photos and video to be use in advertising and promotions of future Jack TV Animation Festival events.

Individual Cosplay Rules
1. NO entry limit for the individual category
2. All must place their entry into the appropriate category, our contest marshalls will assist you in what category your cosplay entry will be.
3. Cosplay models' catwalk will start at 4:00PM of May 16, 2009. We advise that all models should be ready an hour before the catwalk. Our marshalls will assist you and we will announce it on stage for everyone.
4. Cosplay models will be given number tags that must be worn at all times during the catwalk presentation.


Craftsmanship = 40%
Accuracy/Adaptation = 30%
Stage Performance = 25%
Audience Impact = 5%

LXB Best cosplay award
Situated Animated Comedy Knockouts cosplay award
WWE cosplay award

P5,000 cash plus Jack TV Premium items for LXB Best cosplay award
P5,000 cash plus JACK TV Premium items for Situated Animated Comedy Knockouts cosplay award
P5,000 cash plus JACK TV Premium items WWE cosplay award

** Rules might subject to change, please visit our website and partner online site for announcement

For inquiries and questions please email us only at

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