Komikon Summer Fiesta 2009 and comics/merchandise checklist

The Hottest Komiks Event This Summer!
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UP Bahay ng Alumni, UP Diliman
May 16, 2009, 10am-8pm, Saturday
Entrance Fee: Php 50.00
(*Early arrivers will get lots of freebies!!)
With Special Guests... Wilson Tortosa (Wolverine: Prodigal Son) and Manix Abrera (Kikomachine)

Our folks at Komikon is having their summer comics convention and don't expect convention goers in bikinis at the event, but expect the SUPER HOT atmosphere of Bahay ng Alumni this summer season, but you'll see lots of comic characters in Bikini and don't blame me if you see a mananaggal creature in half bikini hahahaha.

Below are super check list of komiks, merchandise and items by our friendly and creative (and cute ) Filipino comic creators and merchandise makers. I'll be there in the first 2 hours of the event and thats 10am-12nn, in support for everyone and do a little coverage and excited to see this Komikero Comics # 1. Okay enough babble!

Read more below to see the checklist of the coolest items this hottest convention ( oh btw, this is the only comic convention that has videoke machines, kulang na lang beer! hahahaa) see ya there. If you want your comics or merchandise be included in the list, feel free to email me at azrael @ gmail dot com.

and for survival guide purposes, here's a floor layout map of the event.
so map now your destination, and hope you won't miss those cool comics booth.
upload credits to plurker Rapidblade.


The More the Manyer E-shirt by Elbert Or
grab it! wear it! and it is a limited edition E-shirt by the only "E" in komiks. thats Elbert Or for you! all cute and looks comfy being an E-shirt. Visit Elbert's booth and buy the comics, plus the shirt!


Elmer comics gift set
Gerry Alanguilan will be selling some copies of the ultra hard bound or shall we call it the super absolute edition of Elmer comics, its a limited edition hard bound set contains lots of pin ups and goodies from the grim chicken world of Elmer. All hand crafted and from cover till the back cover is a true work of art. if you see Gerry's finger print on it, just serve it as a super collected freebie.

WASTED: Confession
Gerry will be releasing a 6 page self contain stories from the WASTED comics series, and as Gerry said the story take place after issue 3. Oh my lord..I'm going to read Jenny again in the pages ahhahaha. well I hope not. But Eric is having a bad ass treatment and you won't like him when he is angry, much more better than Star Trek remakes and Terminator Salvation. Grab this book - Komikero Comics # 1, and visit Jonas Diego’s Robo Monkey Pixel Fighters table.
visit Gerry's blog at http://gerry.alanguilan.com/ for merchandise updates.

Love is in the Bag Volume 3 by Ace Vitangcol
The 3rd book will have its debut at the event, and thanks to Ace and his team for continuing the ongoing saga of Love is in the Bag, and I just can't believe that the book is already on its 3rd series, (too bad that I have read book 1 only, hoping to grab both). I'm still puzzled over the magical thing that surrounds to the leading character, but if you love anime, manga and pinoy story telling style, then grab this because high school and college days will remind you how fun it is to be a student again (in reading this comic). visit Ace's site for other details of this comics.


Bayan Knights # 2 and other comics titles
Gilbert Monsanto and his band of heroes is back in issue number 2, with a power house cast from our local comics creators, in a massive multi comics cross over ( MMCCO) <-- hey I will patent this word hahaha. The comics is available since last week, but if you want to meet the creators, then this event is a good spot for you, its a massive 52 pages thick with Lan Medina's ink on the cover. visit http://bayanknights.blogspot.com for lots of BK goodies.

also other titles will be launch and available for grab, check the main list below.

other comics titles will be sold in their booth
Gwapoman 2000 by Moses Aaron Felizmenio
Bato: Agimat Warrior #2 by Gener Pedrina
Goodbye Rubbit by RH Quilantang
Claw #3 by Myke Guisinga
Kalayaan #6 by Gio Paredes (with Gener Pedrina)
Pag-Asa #2 by Erico Calimlim
Sanduguan #3 by Gener Pedrina
Unos Mundos #3 by Juan Paolo Mananita
Ang Morion #1 by Juan Paolo Mananita

they also have a promo contest, read below and wow!!! SKETCH CARDS!!!!!!


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Alternative space and local comic shop like Sputnik comics will have a booth at the event. Visit their booth for some interesting titles and maybe they will be on sale! check http://sputnikcomics.multiply.com for details

Estudio-studio Illustrations Services

I just read Emmanuel Xerx Javier will be there and their booth "Estudio-studio Illustrations Services" will be having lots of comic art sales and also tarot reading services. Allan Gallo - "Allan is one of the most up and coming International Artists. One of the best penciller/inkers i've seen in the comicbook industry He will be displaying his most recent artworks and original arts" - Xerx said. Lots of stuff of comic arts will be available for viewing. check out his DA at http://emmanuelxerxjavier.deviantart.com

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Glass House Graphics will be there again to sell some comics and drawing materials. They will be conducting a talent shirt, so if you plan to break in to international comics, then bring your powerful portfolio and approach their booth. You might know in the end that you can be the next Wilson Tortosa or Harvey Tolibao.

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Silent Sanctum Manga
I haven't talked to DarkChapel about their comics, not sure if they have new issue for this year, but check out the list below for a little guide on what they will be bringing.
visit na lang their site at http://silentsanctum.deviantart.com

Ambush T-shirt
Andrew Villar will be launching this Tshirt at the event. And its from his hit comics series entitled "AMBUSH", check out also his comics trip "GIRL POWER" below for the Komikon Summer Fiesta. http://ambush007.multiply.com/

click image to enlarge.

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Tales from the Mysterium Complex 1
Oh....that name above is so familar!!!! ahhahahaha.. yup yup yup..its a comic book story written by ME!!! and comic art by Jake Sumbing. As you can see that Me and Jake participated in the Komikero Comics # 1 and we took the challenge to produce a 6 pages self contain story comics for that anthology, and thanks to Jonas, Gerry and the mistress Johnny for guiding us in the hectic world of deadlines. Its my debut officially in the world of indie comics, and glad that I found the Dubai-based international indie comics artist (also pinoy) Jake Sumbing. He did a great job in creating those words into scary-horror visuals. grab it!!! and read it..

I just embraced the feeling of --> "its really hard to write a comics script and story" but seeing it with images really ROCKS!!!

check out Jake's art at http://geeko357.deviantart.com

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Atomic Underground pin buttons

And also check out their latest comic issue

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Visprint will be there and they carry our comics like Trese, Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah, Kulas, Kiko Machine and many more. ( http://visprint.multiply.com )

and speaking of Trese, check out this BIKINI!!!!!!!! artwork of the lovely kilabot ng mga maligno - Alexandra Trese.

from : http://babblingpoint.blogspot.com/


Kapitan TOG
by Freely Abrigo

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Wow Hayop # 1
Randy Valiente will be launching this new series, a 32 page comic all about animals!. the proceeds of this comics will be donated to charity.

story and art by Rommel 'Omeng' Estanislao
I just saw this at KC Cordero's blog


and because that I'm still clueless.. if these komiks will be available this Satuday. will post it here and later on confirm it once the creators confirm it with me.

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Adoboverse Issue 2 cover
The Origin of Smile Lee and The adventures of Toyoman Z

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Boy Ipis # 1