Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen special screening (TV5) @ GB3

This is my 3rd screening of the movie and it will be also my last screening, no more movies for Transformers and I will save more of my viewing pleasure when the original DVD arrives. Thanks to much to Myk and TV5 for another movie bloggers night treat, we love the free pop corns and pepsi drinks and raffle giveaways. It's fun to hang out with the movie bloggers group/club and it looks like that Harry Potter will be our next screening.

I just watched the film again and focuses on some other elements of the film, so sad that I didn't saw R2D2 in the film, as there are confirmation from ILM that theres an appearance of R2D2 somwhere in the Egyptian ruins or at the aircraft carrier. Also great to see Autobot Jolt in the last part of the film, and glad that I'm with my Transformers Philippines buddies who help me notice the one scene robot h ahahaa.

more photos in my album in Facebook at "Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen special screening (TV5) @ GB3"