Hi-C goes Physical to Body talk

Hi-C is now a solo artist and releases "Body Talk" album. Our bodies will be doing lots of physical activities when we listen to this.

I'm wondering if this will sound like Lady Gaga or some hip hop sound, but its a different music and reviving the classic 80's hits.

Check out below for juicy info about Hi-C and Body talk album. and also just posted a sample clip of her music.

To know more of Hi-C, please check out www.myspace.com.mobbstarrboo and www.myspace.com/hiceelicios .

Read more below for more Hi-C.

Here's a sample music of Physical

Born and bred in Cebu City, Honeyleen ConcepcionRosaroso or popularly known as “Hi-C” of Philippines Hip-Hop Royalty DiCE & k9 MOBBSTARR fame had easily caught the ears and hearts of hip-hop & pop listeners alike. Her unmistakable glossy yet sultry voice helped popularize hits like “Itsumo”, “BestFriend”, “Shake”, “Eargasmic” and “Rendezvous”, which became quite a college radio phenomenon overseas.

Hi-C ups the ante this time around as she gets ready to release her solo album titled “BODY TALK”.

Outlandish soundscapes provided by the Beatmonx production outfit compliment her eargasmic vocals and signature tone. Touching on unorthodox subject matters laden upon new wave beats reminiscent of The Bangles and Japanese rap-pop M-Flo.

Also including her own version of the most popular song of the 80’s: “Physical” by Olivia Newton John, which also serves as her debut single soon to air in various high-end FM stations.

Hi-C comes correct with more catchy hooks this time around while maintaining her known high-pitched voice which made "Itsumo" one of the most popular songs in the history of Philippine Hip-Hop. Consider this a time travel to an era where Debbie Gibson & the Neptunes are hotboxing in a small studio somewhere in Cebu.

To know more of Hi-C, please check out www.myspace.com.mobbstarrboo and www.myspace.com/hiceelicios .

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