The First Philippine Kpop Convention 2009

Official update : Event will be on December 5, 2009 at Starmall Alabang
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Here's a teaser for everyone who are in to Korean Pop, and since that we have already the 1st Korean Film Festival, now we have an event all about Kpop. The First Philippine Kpop Convention 2009, this event is scheduled on October 31, 2009. I heard that their first venue will be at UP Bahay ng Alumni, I just received an Facebook PM invite message from a friend who is involved organizing the event, but there's some slight changes and they are looking for a new venue, I'm helping them get a new venue and let's see within the week if we can close that deal with an upcoming venue sponsor.

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the site is not yet updated, but here's a short info about the kpop event

Korean pop culture has gained further ground in the Philippine mainstream, thanks to the strong impact of the Hallyu Wave, which brought with it unprecedented numbers of Korean dramas in the two major television networks as well as a deluge of Korean artists such as DBSK/TVXQ, Se7en, Super Junior, Wondergirls, Big Bang and 2NE1.

On the heels of the celebration of the Philippine-Korean Friendship Year and the strong momentum of the Hallyu Wave, the thirteen major local Kpop fanclubs in the country, headed by Cassiopeia Ph are organizing the very first Kpop Convention in the Philippines this October, which is a fund-raising activity for Gawad Kalinga, a local non-profit organization aimed at providing less fortunate Filipinos with homes to call their own.

Entitled “The First Philippine Kpop Convention: Of Fun, Friendship, and Fandom”, this event aims to gather Korean pop culture enthusiasts and promote Korean pop culture by becoming a singular avenue where fans, enthusiasts, and the rest of the public can interact and share what they love about Korea. Activity booths will be set-up and there will be games and performances for the enjoyment of the attendees.

Question now to my readers and kpop fans.
What do you want to see and experience in a Kpop Convention ?


OKAY here's an update ( NOVEMBER 20, 2009)

here's the video

and the poster

and the info

For the longest time now, Kpop fans have been scattered all over the Philippines, with only the internet as a place of convergence. For the longest time, Filipino Kpop fans have been staying within the fringes of the global kpop fanbase. Forums, groups, and private meetings could only go so much. Now, for the first time ever, we present to you the first ever Philippine Kpop Convention, an event that boasts of being the largest gathering of Kpop fans in the country. Local FCs finally unite under the banner of one event that aims not only to bring Kpop fans together, but to support a cause that would help less fortunate children through Gawad Kalinga.

Enjoy a five-hour long program of Kpop performances, Kosplay, K-star sing/dance contests, stand-up Komedy, plus the much-anticipated First Philippine Kpop Awards. Each participating fanclub will host their own FC and Activity Booths and fans can become official members, purchase goods, participate in activities and enjoy perks prepared by various FCs.
Spearheaded by Cass PH, in cooperation with BigBang PH, Super Junior United PH, Shinhwa PH, Wonderful PH, SHINeeWorld PH, Cloud PH, Perf(x)ion PH, 2NE1 PH, 2ONEDAY PH, Girls Generation PH, Triple S PH, Primadonna PH, and also presented by Starmall Alabang together with and MYX, and supported by KGoodies and, this fund-raising event on December 5th 2009 at Starmall Alabang would prove to be the most monumental, most ambitious gathering in all of Philippine Kpop history- the first of more to come.

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