Will blog for a new laptop!

I haven't slept the entire evening, and finished fixing my Compaq laptop at 4am in the morning. I just encountered the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH for the 2nd time last night. I free a lot of unused programs and my anti malware softwares. So I'm running a light config in my laptop now, and at risk to some attacks.

After the system crash, my laptop started to boot up for 30 minutes. And i just can't believe that it loads so slow. It was the first time to experience it and I felt that I dozed off for a short while waiting for a complete load and bypass the other systems installed in order to get in. Safe mode didn't worked so I need to bypass everything manual..

I'm starting to look for a way to get a new laptop, and since that my money hasn't arrived yet to buy a new one. I'm looking for a possibility if there's anyone can sponsor or maybe lend a laptop (for life hahaha) in exchange of an ex-deal or total endorsement here in my blog. It's just a crazy idea, but maybe there's a fairy god genie in there. Well this is just into my mind and hope to open an upcoming working relationship after my crazy and promising idea. Been receiving some proposals from companies as being their brand ambassador for DSLR cameras, clothing, shoes, cellphones, but still got no final word yet as they are fixing it with their big bosses. But hope we can do the same to laptop or PCs.

Few days ago, been attending lots of tech event and launching, got lots of invites recently to cover it and wrote a review here in my blog, sometimes they do raffles to event attendees, and I always fall in my knees whenever I hear that they will raffle and give laptop to the winners, but looks like that the lucky raffle pick is no longer my day, I remember last year been a great win for raffles and take home LCD tvs, mp3 player, dvds, cellphones and etc. but no laptop for a moment. I'm just trying to get more luck next time.