Aftermath of typhoon santi

Its eleven am in the morning, this is what left after powerful strong winds hit us last night. Its so hard to sleep, the winds is so strong slamming the house wall and window and makes this scary howling sound. I woke up at around 5am and went around the house to check damages and see our pets cats,dogs,birds and fish, and glad they are ok. The only damage left are the plant and trees.

I slept again at 6am and woke up at eleven,then its sunny already and the typhoon is already out of the country. We have no elec here and im using my phone to post a mobile blog.

Last night the sky turned blue for 4 sec it was lovely to see it, but im not sure if that is a lightning or an elec burst from damage powerlines, coz there is no sound and i know elec burst are colored purple. going now to manila and will be in quezon province tom.