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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Food monsters trip to Binondo

Food monsters Az and Lace

We just celebrated our monthsary last October 25 and got the crazy idea to go to Divisoria on a Sunday to have some little market watch and shopping, and also raid some fast food in Binondo. Lace want to go to Divisoria to check out some clothes and me to see what's new and look for promising toy stores this coming xmas season. Travel time at late afternoon in a Sunday is smooth, we didn't expected any traffic but I let Lace a taste of walkathon going to 168 from Binondo church by foot. I miss hanging out in the middle of Manila, and happy to share to her my short knowledge going inside Divisoria by foot. (read more below)

Binondo Church
After going around inside Divisoria for 5 hours, we ended up here in Binondo Church to get a jeep ride to Lawton and head to Arlegui st. in Quiapo for a one last tour in Manila.

My mugshot with the menu of Waiying Fast food. Me and my family are customers since the 90's. And I'm proud that I found it again by just walking the long stretch of Masangkay st. and turning left to Soler st. going to Benavidez St. were Waiying Fast food can be found. Thanks to my sis for txting me the address ahhahaa. There's also a funny moment were we followed a Waiying deliver boy riding in a bicycle going to Benavidez St. and because that I am not so sure on walking around Masangkay st. but I just got lucky and a delivery boy brought us to their resto.

Lace and her food babies on the table. So sad that they don't have Pata tim that night. We paid a total of P450 for our meal that night. Price is low and very affordable. I'm still bugged by that stainless kawali as our plate for the yangchow fried rice, because I remember that they don't have that kinda of style.

She's a milk tea addict.

Hakaw, I learned eating hakaw from another mall restaurant, and I love this and not that ordinary like the siomai we know. It has a large shrimp inside, and its yummy.

My tradition in eating in a Chinese resto is adding a century egg. Just like my dad who used to buy always in every resto, I now find the joy of eating this as my side dish.

Lace ordered this Fried lumpia, I ate one piece and taste like a fried siomai with veggies. I' m not sure of the ingredients, I got so busy in munching that day.

my messy yangchow fried rice, yeah! sometimes I just don't care what the photos look like,because I'm so hungry and want to eat it right away and forget about photo blogging the food.

all time favorite, the chicken feet never fails us, they are always available in Waiying. Suck all the chicken feet meet and throw all those small bones of the chicken.

I'm thinking if those frozen dumplings are ready to eat.

infront of Eng Bee Tin store in Binondo. I just bought some hopia and pastillas. grabe na-addict ako sa pastillas nila sobra sarap.

It was a tiring day after walking around Divisoria, but its fun and I love to do it over and over again every Sunday. I just saw an old friend (Bernard Tubigan) at Waiying, and he said that they are there every Sunday with his wife eating in Waiying. Im amazed and impressed on their Sunday tradition, then after that moment I got an idea to do something every Sunday with Lace.. hmmm.. sleep? hhahaha. anyways. More adventures on the next stop November 25th.
see you in a month !

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