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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

the amazing Divisoria this week

This is the earliest day for me to visit 168 mall in Divisoria, I used to go there every year only in the month of December, just to shop for gifts and buy some weird and cool stuff for me. I know Divisoria is changing and I saw this big construction nearby that they are planning to make an Eastwood City-like space and mall infront of Meisic Mall. I just love to see the old Divisoria, but as time goes by we see a lot of rebuilding, but that's okay, we still see the crowdy place and swarms of merchandise in all places of the all mighty Divisoria.
Everything you need is in here. ( read more below)

The toy store inside 168 mall is still in there, I always see this store every year selling loose figures and anime figures that is also mint in box. I just saw around 3 anime toy store at the ground floor and 2 more at the 2nd floor. I just a big figure of Star Wars battle droid, only one left all in mint in box, priced at P100.

the middle area of 168 mall. All filled with shoppers and mall goers.

ground floor of 168 mall. You won't see that empty space this December

need a job? then apply here hahahaha

we ate our snacks here at the top floor, but I prefer to eat on the other side of 168 were there are wide selections of Chinese food from diff resto and fast food. This area we ate has a Timezone arcade section and a small Wendys stall.

Divisoria is also known for buying hot items and rare toys, and don't forget about knock off toys(fake). Above is a fake Lego toys. I bought one box for P80 that contains a soldier and a jeep with bazooka. Its funny that they copied the exact mold of our original LEGO toy and brand it as LIGO.

the ultimate crowd outside the mall, this is the real Divisoria. This is the view of the street going to Divisoria mall. You wont even see a little space here on a December and it will be more crowded than ever.

I got curious about these rubbery animals. They are priced at P200 and its a play thing for kids, they can ride on it, hug it and it also float in water. There's a donkey, cow, pig, cat and even a Winnie the pooh.

clothes section at the 2nd floor of 168 mall. not yet crowded but all stores are occupied by customers checking out on some clothes and accessories.

I was planning to buy a fake Nike shoes here, but I began to laugh when I saw the under sole of the fake Nike has a label Dolce and Gabana. ahhhaha. I said no no no no..  I wont buy it.

see those head? its a ceramic sculpted heads of famous celebrities and comic characters. Priced at P700 they are used as a toilet tissue holder. There are more weird and mind boggling items in Divisoria. There is also a drinking bottle with a photo of Obama with a Lincoln hat, then a Gloria Arroyo photo pasted on a metallic Zippo like lighter. Posters of Boys over flowers, pirated dvds and non stop playback of Nobody songs or video of Wonder girls.

The mighty Divisoria still reigns as the center of all things we buy. fake or original. the place is still a must visit.

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