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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Arnold Arre Book Signing at Powerbooks Trinoma

Arnold Arre is Powerbooks' Author of the Month
Meet Arnold and get your copies of his latest works signed!
Feb. 28 2009, Saturday | 3-6 PM
Powerbooks Trinoma
Arnold Arre is the author of Martial Law Babies,
Ang mundo ni Andong Agimat, The Mythology Class,
After Eden, and Trip to Tagaytay and is the
illustrator for Private Iris & Cast.

and check out the video trailer below for the book signing

you can also RSVP for the event via Facebook Events


yeah! I will be there! ehheheh.. kita kits doon!

Friday, February 20, 2009

A letter from Marica ( about her missing husband, a soldier in Mindanao)

just received this email seconds ago..and im posting it here..its kinda weird that i got this email...from Marica Gonzales. I just dont know where did she get my email.

im posting it here..and i think this is a public announcement

is this some sort of spam??? scam??? or a viral advertisement?
the construction of the letter is written well done.


romMarica Gonzales
dateThu, Feb 19, 2009 at 10:44 PM
subjectIsang liham mula kay Marica

hide details 10:44 PM (16 hours ago)

Ako po si Marica. Nakatira po ako sa isang maliit na bahay sa Barrio Obrero sa Tanay Rizal. Kasama ko po dito ang 8 taong gulang na anak kong si Jovy.

May asawa po ako. Timoteo Gonzales ang pangalan niya. Isa po siyang sundalo na nadestino sa Mindanao. Mag-iisang taon na po siyang nawawala. Hindi ko po mapaliwanag ang pangungulila na nararamdaman namin ni Jovy ngayon. Hindi ko pa nalilimutan ang huling yakap ni Timoteo nung siya’y nagpaalam. May ngiti sa aming mga mukha pero may pangangamba sa aming mga puso na maaaring yun na ang huli naming pagkikita.

Umaasa pa po akong babalik si Timoteo. Araw araw ko pa ding hinahanda ang paborito niya sinangag na may toyo. Madalas pa din akong nakatitig sa pintuan at nagdadasal na magbukas ito para salubungin niya kami ni Jovy. Kung susundan ko ang pahiwatig ng aking isip ay dapat mawalan na ako ng pag asa. Subali’t ang puso ng isang asawang nagmamahal at isang anak na nangungulila kailanman ay hindi mamamatay.

Nananawagan po ako sa mga militar at kinauukulan. Kung mayroon po kayong nalalaman tungkol sa Timoteo ko, ipagbigay-alam niyo lang po sa amin. Nagmamakaawa po ako.

Alam kong babalik pa sa amin ang Timoteo ko. Hinding-hindi po ako mawawalan ng pag-asa. Kung mayroon lang po sa inyong makakita sa kanya, paki sabi po na narito kami ng anak niyang maghihintay na muli kaming magkasama-sama .

Maraming Salamat po.

Marica Gonzales

Morning rush

me at the Sasa new bikini line launching

I forgot its Friday today and now I'm here at home preparing my stuff for the next event, I will be in Megamall to meet my sister, have lunch with her and chika moments with each other, and after that I will be in PCSO office in E.Rodriguez Q.C. to attend an event that involves bloggers and the community, I heard that I'll be on stage to talk and accept something from PCSO, maybe its plaque or some sort of pack for the role in helping them for a project. Heard that they will have an event and saw Bamboo on the list heheh.

Last night's event was a blast! I got Ipanema GC and will claim my male sandals later in the mall, need to look the nearest Shoe salon in my area later, then after the Ipanema event, we did a carpool adventure with Mica, Lace, Winston and Maki. We are riding the Maki mobile and surfing the whole stretch of Edsa going to Ortigas to catch up the San Miguel Beer Summer Babad press event, but after arriving there the event is already over, but we caught Sire, Leirs and Ed in the taxi bay of Megamall and decided to meet up in Krispy Kreme in GH, then Ed went home after.

We stayed there chikka minute times and went home at 11pm.
Last night Lace got sick and felt ill, maybe because of that cold aircon from the bus we rode going to Manila, now she stays home and will take the day off. Hope she's okay when I come back home. Will buy pasalubong and siopao for her later.

Now time to leave and go go go Speed racer!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

You should think wisely before you give an invitation

Hello everyone!

I'm writing a new post and its about this event that boils my blood. Its okay to receive invitations from organizers and promoters for their event and inviting bloggers to be there. Its fun to attend and enjoy the great goodies that is been given for free and in return, we bloggers should write about it and share our experience here in our blogs. But I just felt so sad and angry after hearing this event and I just found out that I'm not invited, which before the announcement came in, I already confirmed my attendance after receiving that verbal invite for their event.

I got surprised minutes ago when someone asked me If I'll be there too in that event, my blood boils to anger and found out that this is some kind of joke. I've been waiting for that and I'm very excited to attend it and then later on I found out that I'm not invited. I won't mention that event, but this is a shout out to all event promoters that you should think first and decide wisely in giving invitations, and as a lesson for me, I will never believe in verbal invites, unless you are a friend or people in my circle, but for people who are new to me, I will require now complete details and proof that I'm included in the invited guests.

To avoid the same situation that I encountered, here are some tips on how to make sure that you are included in their list.

1. If you received a formal invitation via email or text, you should reply back to inform them that you are interested to attend it and ask them to include your name on the list or RSVP.

2. If they will post a list of names of guests in a website or email, make sure that your name is listed and double check it to see if your name is written correctly.

3. If you receive an invitation verbally, try to ask more details about the event, ask them to send you full details via email or sms, and make sure that you are included in the guest list. If the event date is near, ask them again and re-confirm your attendance. But if they have invited you and no details about the event and date, thats a big problem, just dont expect that you are part of the guest list. Just Shake your head and walk away.

and for promoters and organizers, here is something you should do, I'm an events organizer so I know a lot of important things that an organizer must do in giving invitations.

1.Before inviting people to attend the event, pls. make sure that all details, venues, logistics is finalized already

2. Select the people you will invite, that can be a special person, family, press, media, bloggers, or celebrity

3. If you have their contacts in email or mobile number, prepare a formal invitations and send it to them privately. But if your event is open to the public, post your event announcement in your blog or website, or ask your contact guest to share this to his/her network, then provide a registration form or RSVP reply via email or mobile.

4. List all of your guests who confirmed and then contact them to inform them that they are included in the guest list. Then print a copy of the guest list and bring it in your event and use it as they will sign that they are present and also serves as a reference to people that is allowed to enter the event.

5. If you will invite a person verbally, try to remind the person that you will send the full details via email or sms.

6. And if you are new to organizing events and inviting bloggers, dont hesitate to ask me or consult in having a smooth and hassle free event.

This is just a short pointers, its just what I do and I hope the incident happened to me will never happen again and to others. And if you plan to experiment an event by inviting bloggers, I suggest that you shouldn't do that, because you might get a bad impressions after if ever we get disappointed. My best advice is that you should RESEARCH more about it.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Jollibee's Jolli Nation doll

This Jollibee doll will be a sure hit for Jollibee merchandise and toy collectors, and also for doll collectors. Jollibee in his doll mode figure now having his different kinds of national costumes. Its kinda weird to see the Jollibee mascot wearing clothes ahhaha, but if you look at its face, you'll find it very cute. Jollibee wearing international costumes of Philippines, Brunie, Vietnam, USA, China, Saudi Arabia,

the doll is priced at P249, and available for sale in all branches with any purchase of their meal.

check out more photos below

more pics in my album at

I'll replace this cellphone cam pics soon with a better digicam quality pics

Celebrating Valentines day countdown party with San Miguel Beer

me and friendly bloggers are at the San Miguel Beer Barkada Valentines Day Party, and thanks the all mighty beer SMB and our friend Juned for getting a VIP pass for us and we rocked the party down and enjoy lots of food and beer, saw a live performance of Mocha, Soapdish and Kamikaze. Check out below for more photos and videos.

The start of the party - - - -
We arrived at an early of 8pm, and the show started with the host getting busy entertaining the people inside the venue, there are a lof of people already inside and having their happy beer hour with friends and officemates. The venue is at the parking lot of SMB office, and you see that the Ortigas area is the most busiest city in town, and lots of employees are working nearby and SMB got the advantage and got the party started hours before the Valentines Day. I just heard that on the 1st day, there is an entrance fee of P250, but then on the 2nd day, they opened it up and made it free for everyone,except that you should buy your own beer inside. As we waited in front of the stage, we watch the 1st band performer in a live acoustic session. I think the acoustic band stayed on stage for than 2 hours performing songs and rnb music, and they invited the people also to sing with them on stage. Which made the night more longer and thought that Mocha and Kamikaze will peform a little early.
The Brazillian models - - -
They have this Brazillian models as their eye candy for the event, and because that they are tall in height, and hot appearance, they became so hot in the eyes of guys who are at the event. You can also have a photo op with them, join them inside the jail booth and participate in a kissing booth were the models will entertain you and kiss you on the cheeks. But before you do that, you need to show some stubs and purchase of SMB beer.
the beer - - -
I love SMB beer, and i love drinking SMB light, but the big shock in my days is to see this Gold Eagle beer, I just don't know if they have resurrected the old beer, or it just stayed in this generation and not knowing that it still exist. But its great to see the retro style of the bottle and crown, it makes me feel like I'm in the 80's hahaha, but didn't got a chance to taste, because I enjoy more in my SMB light. Also Red Horse Beer is served and goes to Pale Pilsen. They also got this cute beer refrigerator standing behind the stage, and its a great sight as a back drop for the stage, the ref is guarded by bouncers and performers and guests grab beer in there.
Mocha Girls - is mochalicious
I dance and sing with Mocha 5 years ago when she is a solo performer in Hard Rock Cafe, and it was the first time to meet her there and If I'm right we have a Star Wars party at that night. But today Mocha is now Mocha girls, composed of 4 girls including Mocha herself. The night was transformed into a Beyonce and Pussy Cats Dolls as they performed cover songs and it was a hot and sexy performance and I know all guys who were there agrees with me. The kissing lips to lips Mocha and a Mocha girl member is one of the highlights of the performance. Everyone loves them and I like them..well I see most of their panties while they are performing, but that's how they market themselves and style for being sexy and hot, and also a great performer.

here are some videos from the event
Kamikaze - - - funny man rocker
The best highlight of the event ever, Jay Contreras vocalist of the band is on a high and sugar rush for us, giving lots of jokes and funny antics, he even joked around with his band mates, audience and bouncers, I love their songs and performance, all Filipino music and great to hear nice musics and not that trashy like the old songs. He gave away beers and cigarettes to adults and the night went around til 1pm and still the band is not yet done. Me and Lace left the middle of the their performance because we need to go back home and travel to our home in Cavite. It was a funny laughing my ass out haahaha. I like to see the band perform again in future San Miguel Beer events.
All of the above beer.. we toast our drinks during the countdown of 12 midnight of Valentines Day and the countdown was hosted by Mocha. It was a great gimik for having a Valentines Day countdown haaha minus the kissing couples in a mob number. thanks to San Miguel Beer for having this event and congrats too..

at the survey in the end of the event, I just told the surveyer that they should have a party every month here in the parking lot of San Miguel Beer Corp.

more pics at bloggers at the San Miguel Beer Barkada Valentines Day Party 2009

Party with Brazillian models at San Miguel Beer Barkada Valentines Day Party

Kamikaze @ San Miguel Beer Barkada Valentines Day Party

Mocha Girls @ San Miguel Beer Barkada Valentines Day Party

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

SM Marikina bloggers event 2009

photo source

When : February 28, 2009
Time : 2pm - 5pm
Where : Cyberzone, SM Marikina

1. Bloggers need to register at the table located at the main entrance of SM Marikina and fill up information sheet provided by SM.

2. Upon registration each blogger shall draw from a box for a chance to win a gift item. There are 500 gift items to be given away during registration.

3. Registration will start at 2pm and may immediately conduct the wifi testing and live blogging thereafter.

4. Participants are free to conduct the test anywhere inside the area of SM Marikina. Testing period will end at 5PM

5. Raffle for laptop will be drawn from the registered participants at 5PM. The winner must be present during the draw and sign the claim certificate upon receipt of the ASUS laptop.

(info from SM Marikina)

Here are the list of the 1st 106 registered bloggers for the event
read more below

Pls. check if your blog name and url is correct.

See you all on Feb.28th.

Blog Name
Azrael's Merryland
Filipina Mom Blogger
Random Snowflakes
The Typical Guy
Marriage and Beyond
Life on a Pencil
Life as Experienced Daily
Hiraya: Endless Journey
Noisy, Noisy Man
JuanDerPul PINOY
TurfSite Manila
Pinay Ads
Wala ako maisip
The World According to Nherz
Migs Mobile Network
a life in technicolor
Musings of a Blog Convert
Jori's Entertainment Journal
recycle bin of a middle child htt://
Digital Manila
Mirrors In Frames
Manila Freelancer
Marikenya's Travel and Resource Blog
Thoughts, Experiences and Reality | Louis James Diaz Blog
Pink Urinal
Showbiz Tsismisan
yehey gadgets
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events moblog
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Shopaholic premiere night and Nuffnang Shopaholic blog contest

Me and Lace went to Heaven and Eggs in Glorietta to attend an awards event for the Nuffnang's Shopaholic blog contest. Everyone there won tickets to the movie premiere, GC, movie merchandise and one blogger won a limited edition Gucci bag. Nuffnang awards the prizes and then we did a lot of photo ops at the photo wall, met our plurker and bloggers friends, and also met some new people who are finalist of the contest. Lace won tickets and a movie Shopaholic bag, it was a perfect treat because its her birthday today, Joriben, Ms. Earth, Liz, Dementia and the others won prizes too. After the pancakes meal, we went to the cinema to watch the premiere, and at last! I just saw the movie and now understand why the movie is so popular to females. hahaha the shopaholic thing really happens in real life.
check out below for more photos.

congratulations to all winners and thanks to Nuffnang

more photos in my album at Shopaholic premiere night and Nuffnang Shopaholic blog contest

(feel free to grab the photos )

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