Listening to Eraserheads music just helped me

It helped me power up my creative juices in layouting this poster ad and marketing kit for an upcoming event that I am cooking. Its very nice to listen to good music and sing around while working on something, glad that my pc is working properly with me and never encounter a single crash and stock up. Sometimes I encounter lots of pc stock ups after a tremendous amount of clicks and tabs when using photoshop. And at last, this 11 page kit is over and a kick ass goosebump teaser will be released soon. Now I need to present this to my group and have a presentation for it.

I know there will be minor revisions in the layout,but I highly accept it and recommend that they need to do a double check and proof read, because my fingers doesn't stop in typing here in my blog and it looks like I'm on a high hahahah.

love to listen to Eheads music, and a couple of days I will buy my own ticket, and on the other side still hopes for a media pass ID in covering the event on March 7, 2009 at SM Mall of Asia. This post was supposed to be about my event, but it turns out that the production note blog post turned into an Eraserheads update hahaah.

I just got tired of posting an update about the Eheads concert, but don't worry, I will post the juiciest news here soon, just keep updated here. And also, nice to meet everyone, esp. that I met first time in some events, and I just can't believe that my name is very popular and this blog too because of the Eheads concert last year..whew!

will post more updates..and time for me to take a bath and do some meetings later.