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Saturday, July 18, 2009

I'm cooking!! a cornbeef pasta

I just did some cooking last night 11pm, and Lace wanted to eat some good pasta and I think we got hungry after posting those Argentina corned beef blog post of the Canned Cuisine Series. So to cut our tummy's demand, I decided to cook in the fastest way, I call it the Lazy Chef recipe hahaha. I'm doing this kind of style during college years and during my internet marathon til the morning.
Cooking a Pasta, Argentina Spaghetti Sauce and Corned Beef. Its just easy. cook the pasta, then chop some garlic and onions, and then pour over the sauce and the corned beef. Then... eat!
check my blog post below for photos of the step by step

I just used a bow tie pasta

the corned beef

the onions and garlic

the sauce

sauce and corned beef now cooking

added the sauce and let it boil

boil boil boil

add a little chili powder

and a bacterial soap.....
(no, its only a joke! hahaha, I used that to wash my hands first before cooking)

add your laptop for a nice view
and plurk it too.

add that apple for some juicy taste

close up final pasta look

another fail photo

add a miniature wine to look that you are in an Italian restaurant

yummy di ba?

ok. if you have tried the same recipe, feel free to comment and share your recipe here

thank you!

New look of Snake Eyes and Destro - GI JOE : Rise of Cobra

That's a kick ass look of Snake Eyes wearing a trench coat, thats his outfit at the Paris scene in the movie, and when toy figures coming out, it means that we will be seeing this in the actual live action movie. Also Destro in his new look, the iron mask looks big, but the uniform is bad ass!.

check out more photos by ED Speir IV in his GI JOE Flickr Photoset

Friday, July 17, 2009

Photo session 2 - tribute to Typhoon Isang

Here's a tribute photo set after the 2 days of non stop rains here in Cavite. Typhoon Isang really did a nasty rain and windows in the Northern part of Luzon. Last night was the nastiest event of my life, I just crossed the Aguinaldo highway here in Bacoor, Cavite and the road just look like a raging river at 12 midnight. I don't have any choice but to bravely cross the street after taking off from a bus. My shoes, socks and pants are all soaking wet, and also I got nearly hit by that silver car that crosses so fast and it seems that never cares.

After the rain, I went out of the house and took some of the aftermath of the typhoon. click the image above to see it in full photo. I'm still familiarizing myself with the Olympus E520, and this will be a great practice to shoot some scenes.

Flying to New Heights: Cebu Pacific Celebrates Major Milestones and 36th millionth passenger

There was a time not so long ago when air travel was considered a major luxury by numerous Filipinos—one which impeded their dreams of exploring new places and experiencing breathtaking sights. However, since its inception in 1996, Cebu Pacific has continuously endeavored to help millions indulge their wanderlust by making air travel more affordable and accessible to the common Juan. READ MORE BELOW

From strength to strength
As Asia’s pioneer low-cost carrier (LCC), Cebu Pacific has, over the years, introduced numerous innovations that have made traveling by air less financially prohibitive. Chief among these is their commitment to providing the country’s lowest year-round fares to help Filipino travelers visit their dream destinations in the Philippines and in Asia. Its groundbreaking offers, meanwhile, such as their trademark Piso fare and Zero fare promos, have also contributed to the company’s success as the country’s foremost value airline.

Today, Cebu Pacific continues to foster its passion for excellence by continuously seeking ways to make air travel more convenient and comfortable. Apart from constantly introducing new destinations and utilizing the country’s youngest aircraft fleet at less than 1.9 years, it also became the first airline to transfer its domestic and international operations at the NAIA Terminal 3 (T3). T3 is the newest and biggest terminal in the NAIA complex. With its world-class facilities, such as high-tech security features and spacious grounds, it makes travelling even more simple and enjoyable for Cebu Pacific’s passengers.

36 million and counting

As further proof of its success, Cebu Pacific is also gearing up for its 36th million passenger—another testament to its becoming the airline of choice for more and more Filipinos.

To celebrate this historic achievement and show its appreciation for the public’s continued support, Cebu Pacific’s 36th million passenger will be awarded an unlimited access pass for all of Cebu Pacific Air’s domestic and international flights for one year. The winner will be presented with the prize in a special ceremony to be held on July 22, the same day Cebu Pacific marks its first year at NAIA-3.

“This represents a major milestone for the company,” says Candice Iyog, Cebu Pacific’s Vice-President for Marketing and Distribution. “It reminds us how much we’ve already achieved and motivates us even more to do even better.”

Feel at home in Eastwood Mall's Ultra 7 Cinema

I promised myself not to watch Harry Potter 6 again, but I didn't let a chance to slip away to watch it again and visit the talk of the town's Ultra 7 Cinema, located in Eastwood Mall in Eastwood City, Libis, Q.C. The Eastwood mall is the new mall in Eastwood City, and you'll see the new building right across the Mcdonalds branch.

The ultra magnificent Ultra 7 Cinema has this set up that differs it from other cinema. Read more my story below and see my movie experience.

It's my first time to watch a movie makes me feel at home and the 60 seater Ultra 7 Cinema just make me believe that I am at home. Its just weird because the twin fully reclining seats is so comfy and it relaxes my body and leg, I lay my back and place my feet up while watching Harry Potter. I just felt that I'm watching a DVD movie with a giant TV inside my home. The screen and sound quality of the theater is just perfect and the sound barrier wall really contain the audio inside the cinema house. This cinema is a perfect venue to watch action movies, musical, and movies with great soundtracks.

Theres a funny moment when I entered the cinema, a guard told me that he will guide me inside and a waitress will show me and guide me to my reserved seat. I wondered why is it that they have waitresses inside the cinema, then I realized that they have butlers who guide us inside and then take our orders of pop corns and drinks while we are seated, then it will be delivered it to us without standing and claiming it at the pop corn stand. The good thing in Ultra 7 Cinema is that the price of P350 for 2 person and P400 for 1 person is entitled to have an unlimited pop corns and drinks. They have 2 flavors of pop corns, cheese and barbeque, a friend told me that I should get the barbeque because it was the best seller and yummiest of them all. I ordered it and a few minutes the butler came and handed me the pop corn and Pepsi Max in can. And if you want to refill your food and drinks, all you have to do is raise your hand and a butler will approach you in your seat. Cool di ba? Feel like a king and queen for a day.

" I just got word from cinema that Ultra 7 Cinema is now 400 pesos regardless of the number of tickets you’re going to buy"

If you want to double your movie experience in terms for having a comfy chair, unlimited food and nice technical system of the cinema, then visit and try the Ultra-someness of Ultra 7 Cinema at Eastwood Mall.

This is the only cinema that I did an indian seat while watching the movie. My sister who was with me told me that she almost fell asleep hahahaha, because of the reclining chair, you can even lie down and watch the entire movie like you are in bed. I'm working on a writing project for the "Best Movie Theaters in the Philippines" and I just finally answered my question and will include Ultra 7 Cinema as part of my top list.

The Eastwood Ultra7 Cinema and Gold Cinema 5 and 6 are all located at the Eastwood Mall, Eastwood City, Quezon City. The new sleek multi-storey commercial complex is home to trendy and upscale shops, chef-driven fine dining restaurants, entertainment and leisure hubs, and world-class events. The Eastwood Mall is living proof how the Eastwood City commercial development had continuously grew and developed from the resto and shop rows of City Walk to this full mall development that is setting a whole new standard in the Philippine lifestyle landscape.

For ticket reservations, call 687-6963. For further inquiries, call the Eastwood Mall Concierge at 709-1893.

The 60 seater cinema

the lazy boy couch and my mess

that's me, enjoying the unlimited pop corn and drinks

the movie bloggers with Tinay Magtira of Eastwood City (middle)

The Ultra 7 Cinema sign at the entrance

going out of the theater

main entrance with colorful lights and butler service

Just watched Harry Potter 6 again

showing next month !! GI JOE : Rise of Cobra

The cinema lobby with couch, colorful lights, and movie promotion posters

The ticket booth

Facebook Comic Con : Pinoy Komiks Art Showcase

Online and virtual conventions are now getting popular in these days and thanks to Facebook and comic artists and also event organizers for hosting a virtual comic convention called Facebook Comic Con. I know this type of convention are present few months ago and now the promotion and awareness about comic art is expanding in a different way, for this time the feature is about Pinoy Komiks Art Showcase. Read more below

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Mainstream or Independent
Created by Gener Pedriña
In this photo: Sandata character appearing in Sandata 0, and Sanduguan: Himagsikan
Published by Kathang Indio

Join and add it in your event page

Welcome to the FBCC Pinoy Komiks Art Showcase, a virtual event @ Facebook Comic Con, celebrating the past, present, and future of Filipino Super/heroes & Villains.

WED: AUGUST 12th, 2009. 11:59 PM

1-) Post your still art in the photo section of this event page, and/or post your animated art in the video section of this event.
2-) Only post your own art. Joint collaborations okay.
3-) Art can consist of any Pinoy Komik character/s.
4-) Art should include the text, "FBCC 2009" somewhere in submitted piece/s.
5-) Please do not post more than a combined total of THREE (3) pieces of mainstream Filipino Komik characters, -and- THREE (3) pieces of independent Filipino Komik characters for each artist. Original, unpublished Filipino Komik characters okay. Artists who post more may have their work removed from the event.
6-) Caption your art as follows: FBCC ART SHOWCASE PK | GALLERY CATEGORY (Mainstream or Independent) | YOUR NAME | NAME OF EACH IMAGE.
7-) Submissions may include optional artist bio/s with contact info in the comment thread of each piece. Outside links okay.
8-) Art will be discussed in the comments thread of your image and/or video.

Elbert Or
Joseph Torres



Facebook Comic Con Celebrates Summer Gala With Pinoy Komiks Art Showcase

Facebook Comic (FBCC) has announced that its 2009 Summer Gala will take place online at [link] from the morning of Thursday, August 13th through the night of Sunday, August 16th. As part of the festivities, the virtual comic book convention will celebrate the past, present, and future of Filipino super/heroes and villains with an online Pinoy Komiks Art Showcase to be held during that time at [link]

All artists from the Philippines are invited and encouraged to take part in the showcase. Art submissions will be accepted directly at the special events page on [link] from now until August 12th at 12:00 o’ clock midnight. Guest commentators including Comics Creators, J. Torres and Elbert Or will also be on hand to advise and critique submitted pieces throughout the celebration, as well.
For submission guidelines, technical assistance, or any further information about the FBCC Pinoy Komiks Art Showcase, please contact: Event Coordinator, Stacey Aragon :iconrockitqeen: at (United States), or Assistant Event Coordinator, John Becaro :iconjohnbecaro: (Philippines)

Scarlett Johansson first look as BLACK WIDOW for Iron Man 2

From the pages of Entertainment Weekly, Scarlett Johansson has a first look photo in costume as the Russian spy Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow for the movie Iron Man 2. Now we saw the photos, hope we can see a trailer and hear her Russian accent in the movie.

Via Justjared

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Event Coverage : Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince IMAX movie premiere at SM Mall of Asia

Jam packed of people, press, Harry Potter fans at the premiere and press screening of the IMAX movie of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince at the IMAX Theater in SM Mall of Asia. Me and the movie bloggers were invited by Warner Bros. to watch the very first release of the movie in IMAX 3D format. The movie is around 2 1/2 hours, its a long movie plus a 12 minute 3D IMAX feature at the beginning of the film. Regular price of an IMAX movie for Harry Potter is P400.

read more below to see more photos and album of my coverage

more photos in my album at Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince - IMAX press screening at SM MOA

Chris, Jonel and Lace at the cocktails area

The international digital press kit

me and Lace, and behind us is Harry Potter

the movie bloggers

the premiere ticket in gate fold and glossy format.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince IMAX movie - my review

The 6th chapter of the Harry Potter saga is finally showing now in all 300 theaters in the Philippines, plus 2 IMAX theaters. I was at the press screening of Harry Potter and the Half Blood prince IMAX Theater screening at the SM Mall of Asia with the movie bloggers, the event was packed with medias, guests and members of the fan group Hogwarts Philippines. Thanks to Warner Bros. for inviting us to watch another movie hit this July 2009.

read more below for my review

The movie revolves around the mission of Harry Potter and prepares for the final battle with the Dark Lord, he is guided by Professor Dumbledore to learn more of the enemy and investigate the deadly secrets of the origin of Voldemort. That's the best part of all movie, when Harry Potter is having hard times and act like your own superhero as being the chosen ONE, I was hoping that there will be more action in this film, but it is more information overload about each character and revelations on what will happen next. The last movie, Order of the Phoenix is much more action packed than the Half Blood Prince, and because that it is a turning point and an opening act for the final chapter Deathly Hallows.

The movie has lots of kissing, hugging, comedy, romantic scenes, dark revelations, evil and more magic. After watching the movie, I found myself craving for some ice cream hehee, you'll find it out why after watching it. I'm not a fan of the book, but I'm more fan of the movie since it began, but because of this movie I might even grab the book Deathly Hallows and read it ( since we have here in the library and never been touched after buying it on its launch years ago). I'm not sure if the movie will bring people to read books again, but I have a feeling that non-fans and non-followers of the story might get some problems in dealing with the storyline, but for Harry Potter fans and followers of the story will enjoy well watching Half Blood Prince. I already received some short reviews from friends who just watched it last Monday and they say that they are not satisfied and not happy in the ending. I think they are expecting on much of last part and never expected that there will be another movie following it.

The next movie Deathly Hallows will be in two parts, one will be released on November 2010 and followed by part on June 2011. Wow! that's a long time to wait. I'm excited on the next installment, but before that...I should read the book.

the IMAX 3D experience of the movie is at the 1st 12 minutes of the film. I love the feel and effects of the introduction of the title and even the logo of Warner Bros. drives me to wow infront of the large crowd. The scenes of the IMAX 3D is breath taking, I just wished that they develop it in full 3D, because it is much more fun to see the scenes in 3D effects, I just love the flying Death Eaters and a roller coaster-like view in 3D. The IMAX 3D is for fans of 3D effects and IMAX, I enjoyed it so much and for a price of P400 here in the Philippines is okay if you are a fan of IMAX, but if not, a better and good cinema is recommended.

The visuals and cinematography of the movie is the one you should watch out for. All angles and scenes are being used and you should try to observe on some happenings on the background of a scene, because there's a story there and you'll experience turning your heads from left to right ( if you are in IMAX or in a big cinema ).

Director David Yates really did a good job on the treatment of this movie, same thing he did to Order of the Phoenix and together with David Heyman, the producer of all of the Harry Potter films, produced the film, together with David Barron. Screenwriter Steve Kloves, who scripted the first four installments of the film franchise, adapted the screenplay based on the book by J.K. Rowling. Lionel Wigram served as executive producer, with John Trehy co-producing.

Also collaborating with them is two-time Oscar®-nominated director of photography Bruno Delbonnel (“A Very Long Engagement,” “Amelie”) lensed his first Harry Potter film. The behind-the-scenes team also reunites such Harry Potter veterans as production designer Stuart Craig, editor Mark Day, composer Nicholas Hooper, visual effects supervisor Tim Burke, and costume designer Jany Temime.

The saga continues, and great to see more of Ginny Weasley and Draco Malfoy in this movie.

For my rating, I'll give it a 4 out of 5 bananas.

“Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” is being distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.

“Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”: An IMAX 3D Experience—digitally re-mastered into the unparalleled image and sound quality of The IMAX Experience® through proprietary IMAX DMR® technology—will be released by Warner Bros. Pictures nationwide on July 29th (with select theatres in Los Angeles and New York opening on July 15th). Using IMAX’s revolutionary live action 2D to 3D conversion technology, the movie’s opening sequence has been transformed into IMAX 3D. The film will also be shown completely in IMAX 2D in select locations without IMAX® 3D capability. With crystal clear images, laser-aligned digital sound and maximized field of view, IMAX provides the world’s most immersive movie experience.

check out my photo coverage of the event in my album at Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince - IMAX press screening at SM MOA

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