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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tron Legacy - movie teaser trailer and concept designs

Its Tron 2 and now titled Tron Legacy. Looks like that the video game program turned into a commercialize video game release. You can download the 48mb Tron Legacy trailer hi res trailer here

gamer 1: "You win!, It's only a game!"

gamer 2: "not anymore!"

love to see the new upgraded Light Cycles.
check out below for some more concept art and design of the Light Cycle and the set.

Friday, July 24, 2009

MINDstyle's Serv-o-matics Photo Contest

Mindstyle Serv-O-Matics Photo Contest

Eligibility. This contest is open to photographers residing in the Philippines. MINDstyle Philippines staff, personnel, family, relatives, etc. are not eligible to participate in this event.

Fee. Each participant will receive an entry form for every purchase of Brandt Peters’ Serv-O-Matics figure ( These figures will be shipped via AIR21 or LBC at a cost of P850.00. You can also avail of the figure for only P750.00 directly @ 57 Guirayan St., Araneta Avenue, Quezon City. Only 1 entry per person is allowed. Read more below

Theme. Show us your creative juice by sending us your best interpretation of Serv-O-Matics. You can add props, backgrounds, toys, diorama, etc. Entries that depict any malicious elements will be disqualified.

* Digital Manipulation or any enhancements are not allowed, but other adjustments are allowed (like brightness, contrast, etc.)

Submission. Kindly email your entries at with the following captions:
Subject: Photo Contest: (Title of Entry)
Photo should be at least 500kb in size, and a maximum of 1MB. Please also include your name, email and contact number in case you are chosen as the lucky winner.

Other. The contest will start on July 23, 2009 and end in August 31, 2009. The winner will be notified via email or sms and must submit the original file of his/her entry to be verified by the panel of judges. The winning entry will be uploaded at and will be awarded P5,000.00.

Disclaimer. MINDstyle Philippines reserves the right to use the photos for promotional ads, etc.


in blackest day and night

The light of the emotional spectrum will rise!...
...The red throes of rage, the orange light of avarice,...
...the yellow fire of fear, the blue rays of hope,...
...the indigo glow of compassion and the violet aura of love.
And in the center of it all, the green might of will power.
And as the light rises, so shall an unknown darkness!
A darkness with no satiation.
A darkness with no life!
- oh my! where I have been?!!! now Im missing the big thing..
glad that there's internet.

Spa Party to your home by Caprichosa Spa

I just experienced a one of a kind party and not just an ordinary party, it is a Spa Party. A party organized by Caprichosa Spa that they can bring the whole spa parlor to your home and experience a wonderful relaxation and wellness. You can request for more addition, like put some decoration, added therapists, food and drinks. For P6,000, the spa party will be a good service for 15 person.

I tried the foot spa and the back massage, and everyone seems to be rejuvenated after it. I got hungry after some relaxation, and wow, the pasta I ate really pumped my body and gave me a good sleep after going home. Read more below and see my photo coverage

Carlos and Lil, owners of the spa, provided us with snacks, massage and spa service, and a relaxing music that loops the whole afternoon. The setting of the home spa party is nice, everything is covered in white clothes and the floor, tables and chairs are covered with flower petals, scented candles are lit up, andd we wore golden robes and that Croc slippers. It will be great treat for your friends and family to have a spa party, most of their clients do that spa party for baby showers and birthday parties. Caprichosa Spa main branch is located in Paranaque, but now the spa can now go everywhere and it is now opened for bookings.

more photos in my album at Caprichosa Spa Party to your home

visit their website for info

visit and join in their Facebook fan page for monthly free spa giveaway contest

+63 917 5712965
+63 2 7769576
caprichosaspa (at)
126 Armstrong Ave. Moonwalk Village Phase 1
Paranaque City, Philippines

the girls enjoyed the first treat - foot spa

the spa party set up

Ria, Lace, Leirs with Lil and Carlos

Scented candles and flower petals

time to relax ...with style

Lil and Carlos of Caprichosa Spa

my first treat... - foot spa, I'm kinda spoofing Hugh Heffner

bloggers and online media friends at the spa party

special massage

more relaxing view

Lace and me

Anna smiled after receiving a good foot massage

Lace having some hand massage

a good shot of a flower petal

me having some great back massage.

Fitness First Philippines and the New You Achievement Award (photo coverage)

Fitness First Philippines just organized the New You Achievement Award, and it is the first here in Asia to have an award and celebrate the greatest achievement of thei members. 15 members were selected to join and 1 winner will take home the award, and congratulation to Miss Angelica Balatbat for winning the award.

All of the 15 selected members have an inspiring story and each of them has different success stories and it is very inspiring. I'm now excited to try Fitness First and try to loose weight, have to get out of the 38 waistline. Read more below

Their success stories are the key source of inspiration to others (and to me), the event was held at Embassy Super Club and everyone was all dressed up and the awarders are there wearing their gym outfit, casual clothes and then gala attire. The video presentation of each of them gave a great backside story on why they are into Fitness First, some are for health, others are for sport, and some are for good body shape. " Seeing our members look better and live healthier is our motivation to constantly innovate and remain at the forefront of fitness. We hope that more people will follow the lead of these inspiring individuals and welcome the dawn of a new and better life", according to Mark Ellis, Fitness First Philippines Country Manager.

more photos in my album at Fitness First Philippines New You Achievement Award (photo coverage)

me and Lace, media of the night

inside Embassy

the award title

opening act

the presentation

the magic 15

the winner is announced!

Ilac Diaz

Freddie Webb

Pinky Amador

the photo op

Mark Ellis and Rich Hudson

time to party

photo op at the registration booth

embassy at night

TRON 2 title revealed

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.
Tron Legacy is the title for the sequel of the 1982 movie Tron. The title was revealed at the 2009 San Diego Comic Con. I was young at that time when I watched this movie, I know about video games, but I still have no knowledge of the tech terminologies that was used in the classic sci fi film, I guess its time for me to grab a dvd and watch it again.

"Light Cycles will be making a return,with new designs by Daniel Simon.According to the press conference at ComicCon 2009, a new vehicle called a "Light Runner" is to be a two-seat version of the light cycle. We will also get a glimpse at Kevin Flynn's own cycle.- Wikipedia"

and here's another info

"On July 21, 2009, several movie-related websites posted they had received via mail a pair of "Flynn's Arcade" golden coins along with a flash drive. Its content was an animated gif image that showed css code lines. Four of them were put together and part of the code was cracked, revealing the url to, a fiction site mantained by activists who believe Kevin Flynn is alive, even though he's been missing since 1989. Clicking on a tiny spider in the lower section of the main page leads to a countdown clock that hits zero on July 23, 2009, 9:30pm PDT. Within the Terms of Use Section, an address was found. It lies at San Diego, CA, nearby the city's convention center, where the Comic Con 2009 is taking place and some footage/info on the sequel is expected to be seen. Many suspect the Arcade has been re-opened at that location.[18] A second viral site,, has been found. It portrays some of the history of Flynn's Arcade as well as a fan memoir section - Wikipedia"

Thursday, July 23, 2009

We walk.....

Blog title is inspired from the Ting Tings song "We Walk". It was a marathon day for me yesterday travelling from Cavite to Makati and to SM Marikina. I enjoyed using all those free alcogel that is posted in every corner of a building in Makati. There's one in the elevator and infront of the door of every office. Then after my meeting in Makati, I battle with commuters in riding the rushing MRT going to Cubao, after my meeting in SM Marikina, I rewarded myself a regular meal of lechon paksiw at Lydia's lechon in the Food court area. And after my meal, I continued my project and went home sleeping in the bus for 2 hours.

next stop for today is going to Glorietta, Forbes and Embassy.

Philippine Astronomical Society - July 2009 Appulse issue

Just uploaded the news letter/ ezine of Appulse July 2009 issue

- Prelude on history's 2nd longest total solar eclipse
- June meeting report
- A date with the stars
- Greetings from Dubai
- July-August Meteor Shower Watch
- Astrophotography
- Source of Cosmis Rays pinned down
- Monthly Star Map - August 2009

read more below to view the scribd embed file.

Philippine Astronomical Society - July 2009 Appulse issue

if you want to receive a monthly newsletter, just send an email to victoria_evarret at

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Partial Solar Eclipse July 22, 2009 Cavite, Philippines

in Bacoor, Cavite, Philippines.

I woke up at 7:30am of July 22, 2009 and went outside to check out where the sun is rising, I was planning to go to SM Mall of Asia at 8:00am but I decided to stay home and it will be more easier for me to observe the partial solar eclipse. The sun is shining in its brightest light and it's my 3rd time to cover this heavenly body event for my blog. I used again my 3 sun glasses as filter for my camera, but this time I'm no longer using a 10x zoom Olympus SP 500UZ, and I miss using it and now I used for the first time a DSLR Olympus E520. in cloud setting ,-1.3, action sport setting, 150mm.

more photos below of the partial solar eclipse

complete photo coverage can be found in my album at Partial Solar Eclipse July 22, 2009 Cavite, Philippines photo coverage

at 8:00am, sun is bright and large clouds are spotted nearby

at around 8:35am, the moon started to cover the sun, starting from the upper left corner

its a long wait....

at around 9:15am, the moon passes and covers nearly the sun in half

i love taking the sun with the clouds, it help me to filter out the harmful sun rays

partial solar eclipse is complete!

at 9:50am the moon started to moved out of the sun

I decided to quit the observation after a rain shower came at around 10:30am.

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