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Saturday, December 26, 2009

photo session : opening the Christmas toys

It took me almost a whole day in playing and assembling my toys, the Transformers combiners Bruticus and Superion gave me a hard time in figuring out on how to assemble them and translate that giant manual into words that my hands can understand. I enjoyed playing the Mcdonaldland toys, it is really cute to partner Ronald with this bee mascot. I used my Olympus E520 and a pop up flash filter in taking these photos

more pics below

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all my blog readers, friends, family, network and supporters.Let's have a break for a moment in blogging and let's celebrate a wonderful season of sharing and giving to one another. I'm going to retire for a moment and focus more on some of our family event and celebration every Christmas.

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

M.O.D.O.K. Holiday Special

For all toy and pop culture fans, here's a special video episode from the online series Marvel Super Heroes: What The--?! and for their episode 10, they feature the M.O.D.O.K. Holiday Special with special guest Tori Amos. Really funny and I just hope this online series be available in Cartoon Network ahahahah. Oh man, Now I'm wishing for a Marvel Legends set.

Merry Christmas to all my blog readers!

my toy hauls from the 4th Toys and Collectibles Christmas Fair 2009

here are my latest toy hauls from the 4th Toys and Collectibles Christmas fair, all of these are from my friends,family and partners and others are toys I bought it for myself.  Thanks to Mark Cerbo, Transformers Philippines, Collectibles Unlimited, Doc, Misyel, Lace, Erning, PTK, Neil,and to Santa Clause ahahaha.

Transformers toys : Bruticus Maximus, Stormcloud, Silverbot, Bumblebee activators and a lenticular Jazz pin button circa 80's.

Mcdonald land toys : Ronald, Grimace, Hamburglar and Mayot Mcheese

Amy Jun-doll

Citizen Urban Icon figure

Dr. Doom Marvel icons.

Marvel Minimates : Daredevil, Kingpin, Banner and Hulk

Pikachu doll (not included in pic)

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

going once.. going twice... sold! - day 6 of the 4th Toys and Collectibles Christmas Fair

I'm still high and dry after attending the event yesterday, I went home carrying big boxes of toys hehehe thanks to Mark Cerbo and his awesome bandits of Transformers Philippines for my Christmas goodies every year. I saw the live auction is still active and the items are getting hot, they auctioned off that giant figures of Hellboy, Boba Fett and many others. Small items like the Michael Jordan figure, New Moon figures, Star Wars and that cutesy Penguin Club figures are hot for auction.

Dan of PTK raises the item for the live auction

my haul since day 2.

I just saw that many toy exhibitors are dropping their prices, and that's a good sign, I also spotted a Marvel Icons figure with a good price deal, I prayed to God last night and hope that figure won't be sold out because I will buy it later. It will be the last day today for day 7 and I'm still itching to grab some more (FREE) toys ahhahahah.

with Earl Madriaga, Philippines top Star Wars toy collector
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Monday, December 21, 2009

Lights! Camera! Catwalk! - The 4th Cosplay Christmas Catwalk Show 2009 - photo coverage

PC197515 PC197539

PC197397 PC197470
The year end events for cosplay and other hobbies is here! A magical catwalk show by our cosplay friends and a good time for celebrating Christmas with them. Thanks everyone for participating! see you all next year! at the 2-day cosplay fashion show at 5th Arts and Music Festival 2010 on February 2010 at Megatrade Hall.

and my fave cosplayer of the day. Bulma!
yeah.. bec. i'm a DBZ fanboy hehehe

more photos below

adopt a new toy!!! - day 5 of the 4th Toys and Collectibles Christmas Fair

Many are still on a tight budget and saving more money (like me) for Christmas, but I'm glad that we have collectors and stores who are selling pre-owned and loose figures for us, a super cheap loose toys in good condition are one of the best deals here in our event, and I like to thank our exhibitors for providing us an awesome service. This event is really for fans.

Spend sometime with our online and blogger friends at the event, it was a great hang out and also a way to have a get together moments, great to see Reia here in Manila and she's happy to see all her old friends, Now I'm excited to see her performance part for ToyCon 2010 *wink *wink.

It was the busiest day ever, Sunday is indeed crazy, and most crowded day for the event, shoppers, collectors and COSPLAYERS!! roamed the hall like there's no tomorrow. It was fun and I'm  happy to see everyone hanging out in our event, Cosplayers did a whole day reunion and also heard that an online game community did a grand EB in the nearby function hall. The Christmas Cosplay Catwalk show is a success, thanks to our cosplay community for participating in this annual event, and to our friendly group Anime Alliance Philippines for helping us out the whole day for the cosplay. Everyone is happy and enjoyed the event, and as they say.. this is the last fan convention (as always) for 2009. So before the year ends.. let's see each other and wish for more goodies on 2010.

visit us at the event, it will be our last day tomorrow, and you might grab some cool items there, saw a shop dropped off a big box full of GI JOE and Star Wars figs. sold at P100 only.. omg omg.

thanks to Neil for the TFA Bumblebee Activators, and to Erning for that vintage Transfomers lenticular pin button, it was really awesome, even I didnt bought anything yesterday, still I completed my day taking home some cool toys!!

thanks for visiting us and dropping by Elektra!

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Avatar in SM Digital Theater with Motion Effect Seat Simulators

OMG! SM Digital Theater launches the Motion Effect Seat Simulators for the Avatar movie.

This is the hard core movie experience, and I haven't experience it yet but I love to try it. I was about to try it with Lace and my sis, but then I decided not to try it because Lace is pregnant and the motion effect simulator is not good for her, so we decided to watch it in a regular cinema, But...but..but.. I want to try this damn motion effect seat simulator and I just don't know how it will work. Will it float or glide when Jake ride with those flying dragon-like creatures or will the seat vibrate during mecha explosions. hmm  This is so hard core, and I'm not sure if they have 3D glasses too.

damn.. must try this

Disney Princesses @ SM Megamall

My knees are shaking when I saw the lovely and pretty Disney Princesses - Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. Ohhh man they are so cute! They sang and dance so gracefully, I know they are just some foreigners in costume,but hey!!! they made me think that this is REAL.  oh man.. Disney rocks!!!!
Too bad that the meet and greet is for kids only :(

my favorite of them all is..  Snow White
its their last day today in SM Megamall. but you can watch their show at SM MOA on Dec 25-27

more pics below

day 4 of the 4th Toys and Collectibles Christmas Fair

Day 4 was the busiest day for the Xmas ToyCon, the venue became crowded near the entrance as it was expected, I positioned myself on the stage platform and rest there for some minutes after searching for my toy of the day, luckily I just spotted again a re-stock of those Daredevil-Kingpin Marvel Minimates. We started the live auction activity at past 2PM and I waited for Cholo to arrived to heat up the event, The live auction went well, but we still have toy left overs til the event closes, I just bid on that SEGA Megadrive TV game, but I didn't know what happened after. Harry Potter items like movie posters and action figures we're the hottest item that day, and auction started from P1 up to hundred pesos. Live auction money will be donated to Bantay Bata 163.

Also we spotted some cosplayers in the venue, they are the apple of the eye of all photographers outside the venue, I just saw them doing some shoots infront of the gate, I took some shots and hope we see them later at the cosplay catwalk show.And then I met Super Inggo mascot hehehee.

I just heard over from Dan of PTK forum that booth exhibitors will still stay til Tuesday and more booths will be added later, means that. more new items and toys for all of us. I know Sunday will be the craziest day for the event hehhehe.  The cosplay will start at around 4PM so be there early at the hall 2, they will do their catwalk in there on stage. I just hope that these cosplayers will be okay for the foot parade, arghhh i just hate foot parade haahah, sumasakit paa ko dun.


ok see you all later and Merry Xmas to all

more pics below
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