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Monday, March 29, 2010

Diary of a Wimpy Kid movie - this is a review and not a diary

The movie is based on the the novel of Jeff Kinney - The Diary of a Wimpy Kid that was released last 2007, and this year 2010 it is now a full blown live action film based on the original novel. The character Greg Heffley leads the book and movie as the one who writes and narrates in the diary and as the wimpy kid during his first middle school years. (read more below)

The child actor, Zachary Gordon plays really well as the Greg and really give his best acting and dialogues for the film, and I did a little research and found out that he is active doing some voice acting in hit animated tv series and movies, that may explain why he is good in acting and perfect role for Greg (and he's good in signing too). Also I'm on a look out of Chloƫ Moretz character in this film.

The story is about friendship and how kids survive and learn more in school for having great responsibility and confident. I really love everything on it, and this movie is not just perfect for kids, but also perfect for adults, you might learn something here and also think of your adventures during your elementary years, its fun di ba?
There maybe some dragging stuff in the movie, (yung kasi sabi ng iba), but I still haven't figured it out which part, the movie will take you to a series of characters and your should pay more attention to them, because even that it is too many, it will also lead you a story in them.

I recommend that you try watch it, even without a kid or just with your barkada, watch out also in the coming years for a sequel  - Diary of a Wimpy Kid : Rodrick rules, an adventure and story of Greg hanging out with his evil brother Rodrick during summer and after his middle school years.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid will be showing on April 3, 2010 in all Philippine cinemas.
zoo-wee-mama!!!!! the movie poster

Zachary Gordon as Greg
"ohh look at it, I got hair in my freckles!"
learned how to be popular in school
Greg with his mom at a school dance event
wrestling : uh oh, what happend to pile driver and Vader bomb!
we are skins! they are shirts.
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