LG Phone sweep the Red Dot Design And If Awards

New Chocolate (LG BL40)_03 LG Mini (LG GD880)_two
LG BL40 and LG GD880

Congratulations! to LG and more power to them. I'm using the new LG Chocolate now and they are the best LG Phones, I tried the LG Crystal but the slider and touch screen phone in one doesn't work with me well, but here with the chocolate bar shape with HD LCS screen on a glassy style body is perfect for people who loves multi media and mobile net surfing. (read more below about their award)
"Seven LG handsets, including the LG Mini and New LG Chocolate,  claim nine awards at the world’s premier product design competitions "

LG Electronics (LG), a global leader and technology innovator in mobile communications, announced today that two of its mobile phones have been named winners of red dot awards, adding to the seven prizes won earlier this month at the iF design awards. The two events are among the most prestigious in the world of product design.

“LG has invested a huge amount of effort and resources to produce phones that are as colorful and individual as our customers’ tastes,” said Mr. Raymond Hernandez, corporate marketing head of LG Electronics Philippines. “Winning these awards year after year is proof of LG’s leadership in design and our ongoing edge over our competitors. We will continue to set new heights of design as we deliver a unique user experience to all our customers.”

LG has enjoyed particular success with its new LG Chocolate (LG BL40), the fourth handset of its Black Label Series, which boasts a 4-inch-wide panoramic HD LCD screen on a glassy body; as well as the LG Mini (LG GD880), an extremely small and slim touch phone with a narrow bezel. Scooping awards from both organizations, these two models are part of LG’s overall tally of eight prize-winning products: two categories at the red dot design awards and seven at the iF. LG’s five other award winners are the Crystal phone (LG GD900), the Lotus2 phone (LG LX610), the LG GW620, the Watch phone (LG GD910), and the Lollipop (LG SV800).

Respectively one of the biggest and one of the oldest design competitions in the world, the red dot and iF awards are renowned in the world of design for their exacting standards and rigorous judging processes. LG has been a winner at the red dot awards every year since 2003, and at the iF awards since 2005. Last year, LG won red dot awards for its Secret phone (LG KF750) and 3G Watch phone (LG GD910) and an iF award for its Renoir phone (LG KC910).

The award ceremony for the red dot design awards will be held on July 5, 2010 at the Essen Aalto Theatre, Germany and all award-winning products will be exhibited at the Essen red dot design museum from July 6 through August 1, 2010.