Winema : SM Cinema's first ever interactive cinema in the Philippines

winema winema2
SM Cinema just launched the first ever interactive cinema in the Philippines, the gimik is called Winema, its Weeeeee+cinema. They installed a motion detecting camera and turned the whole cinema screen and let everyone play the game wireless, its like playing Nintendo Wii, and the game involves everyone to raise their hands and move it in order to run the game. Special prizes will be awarded to the audience who have many points, I missed this launched last week and I saw that all our movie bloggers enjoyed the cinema game. The game runs for 3 mins and I think they have 3 kinds of game. The Winema will run in all movie premieres and special screening booked by special groups. Companies can also brand a game by sponsoring a spot in the game.

I think the raffle game in all movie premieres will be off ahahaha,and the battle of the Winema just for the special item or token begins! Winema will be available in SM Megamall Cinema 1 starting April 30, 2010, in time for Iron Man 2. oh yeah!

check out Iris's blog for a video rec of the Winema game -

thanks and congratulations to SM Cinema and Ms. Sharon Yu for inviting us movie bloggers.