hostage incident : wtf manila cops and swat / cop vs. cops
look at those cops or swat, all of them are like pushing each other at the back of the bus,and it was like watching an 80's comedy flick or are they trying to Volt in and summon a big giant robot? kinda funny and disappointed, is that a part of their training in handling a hostage crisis. And they threw a tear gas to the broken window and misses the hole two times, everyone is aiming their guns to the window of the bus, and as you can see the windows are fixed and can't be opened from inside the bus. They said that the sniper killed the cop-suspect Rolando Mendoza inside, but if he got killed, how did the sniper hit him when he is still inside the bus and still alive gun tooting the window and cops entering the back door of the bus using his M16 riffle.
sniper ba yung pumasok sa loob ng bus?

see and watch the video here

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