Bed Linens and Comforters 101 with Dream Home

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Dream Home, an exclusive brand of Canadian Manufacturing for SM Hypermarket invited us to have a mini talk and lecture all about bed linens. It was a fun night at SM Hypermarket in Harrison Plaza and it was my first time to be there, I didn’t event know that there’s a SM Hypermarket near the old Harrison Plaza mall. You know that I sucked in shopping, especially when it comes to stuff for our house or room, you see that I let my mom or my sister or even my wife to decide the design and the rightful brand for bed linens. I don’t even know about colors and how it matches a person’s mood, or the quality and the importance of saving your money in getting a better brand, well, Im glad that this event activity did gave some head ups about their brand and how we can select a good brand for bed linens. (more story below)

I already encountered bed linens and comforters who got lots of pilling or we call it “himulmul” I hated it and it makes the comforter rough and not stylish, also the threads are breaking and some comforters are using nylon to stitch the thick layers of fabric and cotton, I nodded when they told this to us, and I agree that it’s a big problem for comforter users because sometimes it can damage our skin with its roughness when there are pilings in it.

With the Dream Home brand, they showed us that it is cotton rich, fully garterized, processed with anti-pilling, trendy and with style, and the bed sheets are free from carcinogenic and environmental hazardous substances such as lead and azodyes. With a OEKOTEK label, a trusted benchmark for quality and safety.

The bed linen set is priced at around P4-P5k. and available in all SM Hypermarket.

and here's what I like
Blue and white combined for the outgoing and perfectionist

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