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Saturday, September 04, 2010

FASHION: SOLO Larry Alcala Collection

Men's All Over Print Graphic Tee for Him P795
SOLO just launched a Pinoy Cartoonist Memorabilia collection and featuring in their product and clothing line are the works of my favorite pinoy cartoonist - Larry Alcala.

His works and other characters with funny scenes from the Slice of Life series are embedded now in their clothing line for men and women, the designs are also available in their non clothing line such as bangles, clutch, necklace, locks, keychain tote bag and watch.

I go crazy with these because I love Larry Alcala's after I discovered his comics and slice of life during my youngling years. Now his works are in Solo and the Larry Alcala slice of life is now alive again, from print to clothing. Let's look for the Larry Alcalas' head and face in Solo's shirts.

Larry Alcala1
featured below are some of the products from SOLO with Larry Alcala's work, also I posted one of my favorite designs

join the Solo network by visiting:
Solo website:
Solo Modelsearch site :

(MEN) shirts are priced at P795, up to P845, while longs sleeves are around P1595 - P1745
(WOMEN) blouse and dresses are at P1595-1795,printed leggings at P795.

Men's Short Sleeves Polo(2) P1595

Men's Colorblock Tee for Him P795

Ladies' Zippered Shirt Dress P1795

Ladies' Sleeveless Tunic P1695

Ladies' Printed Leggings P795

Ladies' Dress

Ladies' Cap Sleeves All Over Print Blouse P1595

His&Hers Anti-Smoking Movement Tee for Him P795

(2)His&Hers Collared Shirt (Telephone) for Her P795

Clutch P295


Stainless Necklace - lock

and here's my favorite design in their line
Men's All Over Print Graphic Tee for Him P795
Men's All Over Print Graphic Tee for Him P795

Men's Long Sleeves Polo(3) P1695
Men's Long Sleeves Polo(3) P1695

Unisex Watch P595
Unisex Watch P595

Larry Alcala2
check out more photos of the product line here in my album at
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