my coverage: Philippine Fashion Week 2010 - SM Department Store Summer Collection x Parisian Shoes

It's my first time to attend the Philippine Fashion Week and I gave up myself and decided to attend one last night. I've been invited every year and even acquire an all access pass, but with my hectic schedules, I managed a time to attend and almost fail after being stuck in the traffic in Makati last night. Its my first time to shoot inside SMX and its great to see our fellow photographers shooting side by side infront of the runaway. Lessons learned : take 2 photos per model and set camera to manual mode for better photo.

Last night was the preview for SM Department Store Summer Collection 2011, and thanks to Irene Moran and SM Cubao branch manager for the tickets, I was with my wife Lace of at the SMX and then Earth showed up and they sat infront of the runaway, ohh didn't know that there's yummy bags for the participants, Lace is happy to find out they there's Parisian GCs inside. And for me,happy to shoot again in a fashion show with my Olympus E520 dslr. I got tired after it, and then we ate at David's tea house after wards and I'm so wasted after arriving home, I think I'm getting old na.

Below are my photo coverages of different collections of SM Department Store that was presented last night.

PA274001 PA273981

PA273963 PA273911

PA273870 PA273852

PA273834 PA273823

PA273773 PA273778
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PA274010 PA274012

PA274023 PA274032

PA274044 PA274050

PA274081 PA274106

PA274119 PA274114
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PA274143 PA274149

PA274142 PA274160

PA274166 PA274171

PA274175 PA274508
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