here's a classic Lion-O's Sword of Omen (Thundercats)

I went to Vic's home last night and then he tour me around his house and visited 3 of his room full of toys, a collection of modern and vintage toys. And we found this Sword of Omens from the Thundercats cartoons, in a good and working condition. I almost cried when I saw this and got a chance to hold it. I remember that I always cry in the toy section of SM Carriedo and Cubao whenever I see this in a box.

Thundercats... hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
Kinda funny, because I bought that Thundercats shirt in SM Dept. last week and now I have here in my hand the real toy thing that was released during the 80's. After this photo op, we began to talk on that plan of a Thundercats live action movie to be released on year 2012, it was the most talk about topic after the success of its cartoon rerun in our cable years ago.

There's also a fan film mashed up and lots of custom toys and prop replicas created by fans

and if ever I have moolah, I can collect them all again!
customs by our pinoy toy custom maker - Rateeg