Total Lunar Eclipse of June 16, 2011 Philippines - preparation photo

moon 1247am
view in Cavite, Philippines

I'm preparing now for the total lunar eclipse, my camera gear and laptop are ready to cover the longest total lunar eclipseLink after 11 years and it is viewable here in our country. I took some test shots and that's the moon at around 12:47am of June 16, 2011.

See photos here of the total lunar eclipse as we observe it last night

Here's an info that I found shared tru PhilAstroSociety group about the eclipse


The Philippine Astronomical Society will observe the total solar eclipse at the Manila Observatory roofdeck from 9:00 PM June 15 to 7 AM June 16.

Please join us!! Potluck snack.

Contact Engr. Camilo Dacanay at 09084338977 for further information.


Eclipse Contacts (Local Time)

P1 - 1:24 AM
U1 - 2:22 AM
U2 - 3:22 AM
U3 - 5:02 AM
U4 - 6:02 AMLink
P4 - 7 AM

Greatest Eclipse - 4:12 AM
Eclipse durations - Penumbral - 05h46m05s
Umbral - 03h39m17s
Total - 01h40m12s


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