Jollibee Kids Meal collectibles releases Captain America gadgets

Jollibee_PR Photos_star disc launcher
Captain America fans and collectors should not miss this limited edition gadgets and collectibles from Jollibee, the new toy and gadgets are released inline with the upcoming movie Captain America: The First Avenger. You can complete this Hero Action Gadgets line for every purchase of Jollibee Kids Meal, the new line up of meals are - the 4-piece Chicken Nugget Crunchers meal (P98), Yumburger Meal (P80), Jolly Spaghetti Meal (P88) and the 1pc Chickenjoy meal (P103).

more toy photos below

The Captain America goodies form Jollibee will come free for every kids meal and be availalbe from July 9- August 11, 2011. I saw this collectible items in Jollibee Farmers Plaza on its first week, but I didn't noticed the toy gadgets but I saw another limited edition tumblr that was released also on the same week, but my eyes are now for this new Captain America toy gadgets, especially the Shield Alarm, I can put that alarm lock in the zipper of my back pack, to protect me and alert me from pick pockets.

Here are the toy gadgets

Jollibee_PR Photos_shield alarm
Shield Alarm
When Captain America is not around to protect you, keep your personal belongings safe with the Shield Alarm. To activate, simply switch on the button then hook the lock to the two holes of your bag’s zipper. When unwanted hands touch your things, an alarm will sound, helping you keep your valuables safe. With the Shield Alarm, not even the dreaded army of The Red Skull will be able to open the bag without getting your attention.

Jollibee_PR Photos_star disc launcher
Star Disc Launcher
Show your friends the First Avenger’s signature Shield Throw with the Star Disc Launcher. Connect the bracelet to the Star Disc Launcher and place the device around your wrist, load the discs inside, and press the button on the side to see the shield projectiles in action!

Jollibee_PR Photos_voice activator shield
Voice Activator Shield
With the Voice Activator Shield, anyone whether friend or foe will know that Captain America is near. Simply attach the stylish buckle to your belt or pocket and with a press of a button, the recorded sound will alert everyone that the superhero is within the vicinity.