SMART Netphone and SmartNET- android? smartphone? netphone? awesomephone!

This hot and sexy SMART Netphone first appeared in Jayvee's blog when he covered the World Mobile Congress 2011 in Barcelona, Spain. When I saw it, I know it will be an awesome phone, but we're still searching for more cool feature and the Smart Netphone project is just the 1st of Smart's new project for this year, and yeah add SMART LTE for 2012 as their 2nd..or could be that's their 1st..okay..anyway. I'll buzz up my blog whenever I get a unit or try it at the Jump experience center.

I got teased that the SMART Netphone is up and ready for pre-order at a price of P9,900.
you can read and watch the tour here at

It’s the first ever SMART powered Android phone that is sure to bring an extraordinary mobile internet experience at a touch.

Enjoy more than 300,000 Android apps absolutey free and experience a different kind of connection with Netphone’s exclusive SmartNet application.

Learn more about Netphone and SmartNet.
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What do you think of this Smart Netphone?