RC helicopter on top of the mango tree

I was practicing to play and maneuver this PicoZ Uranus RC Helicopter here at home and then I went outside to have a bigger space to fly the RC heli and then suddenly I got the wrong move to press the flight button on max level and it send the RC heli way up until it reaches the top of our house, then there's a limit that the RC heli can loss its signal from the RC controller and it will automatically shut off. It landed now in top of our mango tree and I'm having a hard time looking for it..arghh
photo source

I tried climbing the mango tree and I got scared because there are bee hives on top of the branches and my muscles can't take it any longer, so I quit in climbing that tree. I'll just let the wind blew it off and wait till it lands on the ground. I have also a chance of using the RC heli's flashlight, but the battery of it can last up to 20 minutes only and its hard to look for it on a day time.