Andong Agimat - animated short by Arnold Arre

This is astig!!!! you must watch this animated short created by comic creator Arnold Arre, from his graphic novel Andong Agimat... galeng!!!

"As a graphic novelist, I've always been frustrated with the limitations of the static comic book page. I wanted to see my drawings in motion and have the luxury to set them to sound and particularly music. Armed with experience from the many flip books I made as a kid, I managed to make my very first animated film, Andong Agimat: Kanya ang Kalye ("The Streets are His").. It's only 4 minutes long but it took around two weeks to make. I really had fun working on this and I hope you'll enjoy watching it. :)

*Andong Agimat is a character from my graphic novel Ang Mundo ni Andong Agimat ( He is a Pinoy superhero I created who wears a talisman that makes him invulnerable. - Arnold Arre"