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Saturday, December 17, 2011

MOA Eye Ferris Wheel - tallest and largest ferris wheel in PH opens in SM Mall of Asia today

MOA Eye is the new attraction here in our country today,the big ferris wheel with a specs of 55 meters in diameter with fully air conditioned 36 gondolas and 6 VIP gondals that can accommodate 6 persons per gondola, now stood up by the bay of SM Mall of Asia Amusement Park at SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City. The MOA Eye is now considered as the tallest and biggest ferris wheel in the Philippines, it is now the new prestige landmark for pinoys and foreign visitors of SM MOA, here you can experience and see a panoramic and 360 degree view of Metro Manila and the Manila Bay while inside the gondola.

The idea behind the MOA Eye is after the London Eye in England and Singapore Flyer in Singapore, the MOA Eye is now the new tourist attraction this holiday season and it will stay forever in SM Mall of Asia. The MOA Eye is operated by SM Prime Holdings and S & T Leisure Worldwide Inc., Pacific Leisure Group (a Philippine entity), they are dedicated to its mission in giving the grandest and the biggest to the Filipino people.

To ride the MOA Eye, you need to pay a P150 per person, and here you can experience a 10 min. ride around the MOA Eye, I haven't tried the ride yet, because last night is the lighting ceremony and blessing, and the start of its operation is today Dec 17, 2011, I got tickets here with me, and hopefully I can try riding it tomorrow with my family.

The 10 min. ride looks like a one complete turn and they say that the ferris wheel moves slowly and here you can see the entire Manila in birds eye view.

Here are some info about MOA Eye

- The MOA Eye started its construction 2 months ago
- Construction always starts during the afternoon, day time is too hot for the builders in MOA park
- Kevin, one of the foreign admins and expert in observation wheel around the world told us that they always check the machines and gondolas every day and before it starts to run, making sure that people are safe and have a smooth ride in the MOA Eye
- The VIP gondolas are priced at P200, but I heard that the price might go up
- People can rent the VIP Gondolas, there's another special rate if you want to have a date or dinner inside, complete with table, wine, and meal.
- All gondolas can fit 6 persons only, all air conditioned, with seats, and clear window, there's also a door lock from inside
- The MOA Eye lights up at night, and it resembles like a giant Christmas parol
- VIP gondolas have a nice leather and comfy seats and with tinted window
- Spectators says that the style and service is like in the Singapore Flyer
- MOA Eye is a new addition to the new 16 attractions and rides in SM Mall of Asia Amusement Park
- Best view at night and during the fireworks display every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 7pm

here are some photos from the blessings

PC163342 PC163354

PC163361 PC163368

PC163374 PC163390

PC163397 PC163416

PC163424 PC163426

PC163437 PC163451

PC163460 PC163302

here's the photo of MOA Eye at day time








MOA Eye at night




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