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Friday, October 14, 2011

"Platter for 8" and "Everyday Happy Hour" food fest at Venice Piazza Mckinley Hills

PA131523 PA131526
PA131531 PA131525
If you and your friends are planning to have your own food fest and plus happy hour time, I like you to check out the ongoing promo of Venice Piazza in Mckinley Hills for their “Platter for 8” and “Everyday Happy Hour”. Venice Piazza is the place to be if you want to hang out and dine in to some good restos and enjoy the scenery and feel like that you are in Venice. I have tried two promo and here in my blog are some of the food we ate, check out also my recommended platter for you and 7 of your friends. (More below)

Happy lunch at Marriott Cafe for a buffet treat of Php 875 only

PA080508 PA080499
PA080545 PA080580
There’s a 50 percent off lunch buffet deal from Marriott CafĂ© in Marriott Hotel Manila and you can only grab this offer from Oct 10 to Oct 31, 2011 only, the discount is available up for grab anytime starting from 12nn up to 2:30pm, the best deal ever for a 5 star style lunch buffet, and there's no need to buy or visit a group buying or discount website to grab the deal, because the Marriott Cafe offer it to everyone. Unlimited iced tea drinks, desserts, appetizers and heavy meals are included for only Php 875. For inquiries or reservations, call 988-9999. (more below)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Robinsons Malls October Giant SALE! this Oct 14-16 (and online contest)

Robinsons Malls will have a 3day Giant Sale this October 14,15,16. This is a great day to check out and buy cool stuff in the mall after pay day. So if you plan to shop this weekend, try Robinsons Malls. Check out also the 2 online contest hosted by Robinsons Malls for their shoppers. Read the mechanics below

Here are some of my tips in shopping whenever there's a giant sale.

1. Visit the official FB page of the mall for tips and list of stores in Robinsons Malls
2. List down the items you need to buy, list the most important items for you
3. Search some items on the net, you can google it if you need more details of the item, about clothing, tech, gadgets or toys
4. On the shopping day, bring your own green or eco bag, time to save the planet and let us have less use of plastic for just one day
5. Withdraw your cash from a bank or atm early, set aside a shopping money exclusive only for your Giant Sale event and money for your food
6. Go to the mall as early as 10am, opening time of the mall
7. Visit first the stores that carries the item on your list
8. If you spotted a new item in a store that goes on sale, you can check out some other stores that carries the same item and then you compare the price, buy the item that have the lower price or with big discount
9. If you plan to have lunch, eat at around 11:30am, most fast foods are full of customers, but try the restos inside the mall and check out some fine deals of their meal for the day
10. If you carry too much shopping bags, try to deposit them in a baggage counter, grab and keep the baggage number and then continue your shopping.
11. Leave the mall early, I guess the most convenient time to leave the mall is around 4pm, just to avoid the traffic in EDSA. But if you have a car and you live near the city, its okay to stay there till closing time.
12. If you don't want to leave early and want to shop more, reserve a time near the closing time of the mall and catch a last full show of a movie, but 1st, be sure to grab your shopping bags from the baggage counter before watching a last full show movie.
13. After arriving at home, leave the bags in your room, then rest....relax, but if you have frozen food in the bag, better place them in your ref before you rest and sleep.
14. If you are a blogger, then blog about your shopping experience in Robisons Malls' October Giant Sale.

Mechanics of the online contest are posted below, click the image to enlarge the poster

P8049965 P8019562
check out below some of my awesome finds during their previous sale

My Geeky finds

Eyes are tired

This afternoon. I complained about my left eye that starts to flicker too much. According to my sister is that i might be having an eye strain, too much staring on a screen of a phone or pc. I think this is the result that i didnt wear my sunglasses for two days, i always wear it whenever i go out under the sun. And i forgot to wear it yesterday when i went out on a bright sunny day. I cant look directly on tv and on a lcd screen, bec. Everything is too bright for me. Im now blogging on my phone, and i might try visit an eye doctor tomorrow. Im going to rest now and resume this massive blog update tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

7th Philippine Komiks Convention 2011 this Nov. 19

Its good to hear that Komikon is evolving every year, the event is growing and getting bigger in promoting pinoy talents, komiks and pop art. I haven't been to the new venue of Komikon, I have failed to attend their event last year and I'm very curious on the new set up and heard that the place is perfect for a comic event.

There will be lots of komiks launching, artists meet and greet, signings, comic contest,
booths, comics bargains and the launch again of their 3rd annual Komikon Awards.

Komikon 2011 is on November 19, 2011 at 10am-7pm
Bayanihan Center, Pasig City.
Entrance Fee is Php 100.

I'm excited already! and want to surprise some old friends there  and I must reserve now my Php 100 ticket for Nov. 19, I just hope that there will be no  conflicts again on my schedule, that's my main problem whenever Komikon is here again, I think last time was that I have my own event happening out of town and I'm so uncomfortable that I missed the  komik event of the year, but I'm going to make sure that I won't book a date for an event project that will hit Nov. 19. promise!!

Elmer 2nd edition comic book launching this Oct 15

Gerry Alanguilan just announced this from his blog that his graphic novel "Elmer" will launch its 2nd edition under the publishing magic of National Bookstore, this will be available nationwide for the 1st time and (I know in affordable price), Elmer was first published by Gerry's Komikero Publishing releasing individual copies in every Komikon event and then he releases a special edition book bind version crafted by his own hands, then the TPB version of the graphic novel that I haven't grabbed and seen it (heard it was sold out), but I'm glad that they will have a 2nd edition and this is a must grab comics for me to complete my collected editions of Elmer.

Meet Gerry and buy Elmer 2nd edition on October 15, 2011 at 5pm in Best Sellers, Robinsons Galeria.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Behind the scenes @ Marriott Hotel Manila

PA080762 PA080719 PA080717 PA080588
Here are some behind the scenes photos during our Lunch buffet at Marriott Hotel Manila after we tried their Php 875 promo for the lunch buffet in Marriott Cafe. We also got a chance to have a tour inside the hotel and check out the rooms and amenities offered by Marriott Hotel Manila to their customers.

more photos below

The X-Men Regenesis Launch Party in Pasig City

It will be my 1st time to attend a comic book party, and this is the 1st event and party organized by Comicx Hub, the event is a teaser of Comicx Hub for all comic fans, especially to X-men fans, I'm already outdated on what's happening around with the X-men and I heard that the group has been separted into two, one is led by Cyclops and the other team is led by Wolverine. X-Men Regenesis is a fresh start for X-men after the event X-men Schism.

Contact Comicx Hub is you want to know the details about the X-men comics party this Oct 12.

Foldabots toy book launch 4 this Oct 22

Paper toy creator pioneer Jomike Tejido and his mighty Foldabots robots are back again for the Toy book 4, the launching event will be on October 22, 2011 at Powerbooks Greenbelt 3 in Makati City. Event will start at 2pm-5pm, event is open to all kids and parents. Meet also the creator Jomike Tejido at the event.

congrats Jomike for the book 4 release of Foldabots!
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