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Friday, October 21, 2011

Sony's new gadgets and love.Christmas 3 Days consumer treat event in Megatent (Oct 21-23)

love.Christmas logo
PA111134 PA111106
PA111073 PA110916
Sony will be having a 3 days consumer event in Megatent in Ortigas this October 21-23, 2011, it’s a 3 days super sale of all Sony items and also the release of new cameras, laptop and tv, take the advantage of getting a discount going up to 70% in some items, get exclusive bundles, win some pick a prize from some booths and also win in a daily raffle inside the event. This event “love.Christmas” shows how Sony give an entertaining event and good deals for their customers this coming Christmas. Its a mind blowing sale of Sony items, I spotted there a Sony Bravia with special price of P18k only. So if you are looking for a camera, phone, walkman, or TV with low prices, then this love.Christmas event by Sony is a 3 days shopping haven of gadgets for you.

From their preview event few weeks ago in Sofitel, I spotted some cool new Sony items that just arrived in time for the holiday season, saw the Bravai 65HX925 –the largest internet TV at 65 inches; PS3 game of NBA 2K12; Sony VAIO EK25 – a 14 inch mobile pc with a new and affordable price at P29k; Cyber-shot DSC TX55 – the world’s slimmest fashion digital camera; NEX 5n camera and the much awaited DSLT camera (not dslr)–the Sony Alpha SLTA77, saw a Sony video camera that has a built in projector , and another model that can shoot video in full 3D. Check the official event page here scheds, gaming contest and live performers / its a FREE ENTRANCE event.

Check out below more photos and images of what’s in store at “love.Christmas” Sony Consumer Treat Event.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

LG 3D tv and phones just heated up the 3D electronic tech

PA069834 PA069831
PA069843 PA060012
LG just started to complete their line of electronic stuff for the next generation 3D entertainment, remember that last July 2011 they just unveiled their LG Optimus 3D smartphones and they got in partner with Gameloft for 3D gaming. This month of October they completed the line up in showing the best performance in 3D to their TV and another phone. At the launch party that I attend, I saw that they have two additions for the LG 3D and they are the – LG Cinema 3D TV with HX906 3D Blu Ray Home Theater System and the LG Optimus 3D phone, formally launch and now being sold here in the Philippines. (More news below)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

photo coverage: Fashion show at #MultiplyShoppingParty event by @shopatmultiply

PA182742 PA182733
PA182643 PA182641
Here's my complete photo coverage set of the fashion show at the Shopping Party. Each model presented some outfits, bags, shoes and gadgets of participating sellers/online store. Covered this fashion with my Olympus e520 dslr camera and Cdrking flash gun. I'm testing my new flashgun in preparation for the upcoming PFW 2011. After the fashion show, I started researching about those leather bags for men, looks cool, and I hope it can fit my camera or laptop.

more photos below

photo coverage: #MultiplyShoppingParty event by @shopatmultiply

PA182866 PA182865
PA182803 PA182805
I got the energy to take some photo coverage of the Shopping Party last night that was held in Whitespace in Makati. Its the 1st ever shopping party for pinoys who love to shop and buy stuff online via Marketplace and online store. also showed the advantage of buying your items from trusted merchants with buyers and sellers protection from According to Jack Madrid, country manager of Multiply, merchants or online stores are growing and for this month we just reached a total of 100,000 online stores that are using the marketplace and online store platform at Now dub as the largest digital store in the Philippines.

The shopping party is just a start, let us consider it as a re-launch of, not just a social networking site, but also a shopping hub for everyone and with a new frontpage and new features on the site. The event is not just for shoppers but it is also for sellers, did you know that they are offering a zero transaction fee when you use the online store, shopping cart and buyer protection services of Multiply. I know that their founder and CEO Peter Pezaris are planning do embed some cool features in the future and experience shopping via mobile maybe next year ( I met Peter last August during their office blessings) . Congrats to for organizing this and giving support to all buyers and sellers.

more photo coverage below

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

#MultiplyShoppingParty tonight organized by @shopatmultiply

15798673, the hottest social networking with marketplace / online store in the Philippines will host the 1st ever Multiply Shopping Party tonight in Whitespace. I've been reading some buzz about it few weeks ago and I just didn't get some clue on what kind of event it is that involves shopping and, then I receive an invitation from their PR and from Multiply (yikes! that's two invitations) that I got a slot from this invite-only shopping party.

Then I still have no clue on what's instore for us then I read it over to this article at Clickthecity about the event and wow! Looks like the party is a bongga event. Techyromantics will be performing live, and there will be booths from their Multiply shop merchants, It will be a shopping convention organized by I'm also curious on that gimmick that we can LIKE a certain showcase item by swiping that techie card and then auto LIKE it and post it in our Facebook walls.. ohhh wow!!! that's a ground breaking gimmick and I want to press LIKE and SHARE stuff/ happenings from the real world and share it automatically to my Facebook.

I'm excited and now the problems...what should I wear?? hmmm
to those who are invited! kita kits!

follow our updates and posts on Twitter with hashtag #MultiplyShoppingParty
and ohh check out our country manager twit post -

“@: Let's rock it! Shoot photo & tweet, share on FB, tag . We'll choose photo & give P10k after party!”

shopatmultiply Free booze till you drop #MultiplyShoppingParty!

Angel's Pasta Pizza Combo new branch at Granada St, QC

Good news to all those who are just near Gilmore - Greenhills. Heavenly sent Angel's Pizza Past Combo is now open at Granada Street in Quezon City.

For its opening promo, Buy Big Family Pizza and get Family Pizza for Free (choose from Pepperoni, Aloha, Bacon and Cheese) or Buy Big Family Pizza and get 2 liters of Cebri Calamansi Juice for free (the only branch that offers Cebri Calamansi Juice). or 6 cups of 6 oz Ice cream (which is also available at Granada branch only!)

Check out below the photos taken during its store blessing and grand opening.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Mario Maurer and Penshoppe will invade Philippine Fashion Week

Mario Maurer and Penshoppe will invade the upcoming Philippine Fashion Week this October 29th, I know it will be a riot that everyone will be waiting and want to see Mario Maurer walk on the runaway wearing Penshoppe. I want to see him too at the PFW! yay!!!! my camera is starting to get itchy this PFW 2011. But before that there will be a fan conference with Mario on Oct. 28.

Read the details below

My 1st attempt in HDR imaging

hdr PA152115_6_7_tonemapped
photo taken using my Olympus e520 and processed in Photomatix

Here's my 1st attempt in doing High Dynamic Range imaging in photos, I'm very curious on how it works when I first saw the process of HDR years ago when I started to own a dslr and saw some sample of photos on photography magazines and at I began to practice and discover on using softwares like Photoshop or Photomatix in processing and merging photos into HDR. I tried doing it but I failed and got a bad result, but then I'm glad that when I met pro photo Magic Liwanag for the 1st time, he taught me on using AEB or Automatic Exposure Bracketing in my Olympus e520 dslr, I got the idea from there that my camera can take 3 kinds of shots in one click and generate 3 kinds of photos with different exposure level, at first I thought that I'm going to change the exposure levels manually, but that thing works only to point and shoot cameras if you plan to do HDR using it.

I set up my AEB in my camera and with you have to hold the camera still with no movements so that you won't get any problems merging the 3 photos, use a tripod or place your camera on a flat surface so that It can avoid some camera movements. Above is one my samples as I took a shot of the view in Ayala Westgrove Heights, I didn't brought a tripod with me, so I tried taking pics and stood still, I know I'll never get a chance in taking home a good shot, so I tried once again in taking photos with AEB while my camera sat on a flat fence.

I used Photomatix software in merging the photos in HDR, and the result is nice, but I'm not that confident yet in getting a perfect shot, but its just a start for me to learn more in HDR process in photography and have more practice. I took the photos in jpeg, but next time I'll try to take pics in RAW format.

here are some other samples, plus the AEB photo samples included.
see more photos below

Review: San Miguel flavored beer – apple and lemon

PA039618 PA039621
PA039614 PA039624
I love beer because it relaxes my body and senses, I love to drink it after a hectic or stressful day, it’s a reward for myself for a job well done or just a drink for me and my buddies to enjoy our bonding times more, San Miguel Malt Beverages are really a part of our life and I remember that I hated drinking beer when I was in high school because I didn’t like the bitter taste and smell. But I enjoyed drinking it when I discovered the benefit of it to myself, and I salute those people who always offer San Miguel beers to me even if I refused to drink that time. Now the time has come for a new level of beer, I heard about these San Miguel flavored beers – apple and lemon flavor and you know that I went crazy. (More story below)

1st Live Streaming cosplay show

final poster
The main event will be on Oct 22 at

Think of a concept that this cosplay show will be like a variety show with otakus, with live guest, performers and personalities. I hope there's also a segment were you can win freebies by spinning a big wheel or come in costume as one of the live studio audiences and win in a trivia game hehehe. Costumed beings and otakus will assemble here!

watch the trailer here

The Walking Dead season 2 is here!

If you want to learn more about zombies and how to escape the terror and survive, then watch the Walking Dead series. I'm going to check out some streaming videos for season 2, watch out for my review here in my blog. Here in our local cable tv, The Walking Dead season 2 will air on October 22 in Fox channel.

watch the trailer below

Food fest starts at Appetite Restaurant Festival 2011 at Shangri La Plaza

PA131586 - Copy
PA131581 - Copy PA131679
PA131677 PA131639
Appetite Magazine is celebrating their 7th anniversary for this year and they are sharing their celebration and inviting everyone to their Appetite Restaurant Festival 2011.It is a tie up food fest with Shangri La Plaza and MasterCard, the deal here is that you will enjoy a food and meal prepared by Appetite Magazine in some participating western and eastern style restaurants inside Shangri La Plaza and the price is around P500-P700, all resto with the special menu for the festival is all under P1000.

The promo will run from October 14-November 30, 2011. Visit the mall and grab the November issue of Appetite Magazine to avail additional freebies from selected restaurants by presenting the coupon found on the latest issue or get the coupon from the mall entrance and concierge. Get also a free parking in the mall when you use your MasterCard in participating restaurants with a minimum bill of P1000. Its just a start of the food fest and looks like that October to November is really a month for food and restaurants. (More Story Below)
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