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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Behind the scenes - Mario Maurer For Penshoppe fan con

PA285489 PA285473
PA284769 PA285447
Here's some of the behind the scenes of me and my blogger friends doing our coverage mission at the Mario Maurer For Penshoppe fan conference event yesterday in PICC. I arrived late and glad that my entrance brought me to our lunch meal at the VIP and press area. After our lunch we were escorted to enter the press area at the event venue of PICC.

more photos below

photo coverage: BLUSH @ Mario Maurer fan con

PA285450 PA284865
PA284852 PA284838
Blush is back here in Manila! - Victoria Chan (China), Lee Jihae (South Korea) , Angeli Flores (Philippines) , Alisha Budhari (India) ,Natsuko Danjo (Japan) are the guest performers here at the Mario Maurer fan conference organized by Penshoppe and PR Asia. Its great to see the girls again and they performed and saw lots of improvement as time goes by, check out their looks.. Ji Hae is so beautiful in here, its a sad thing in my end that I missed their performance at the Black Eyed Peas concert, but I got lucky here to see them live and met them after the event. Blush performed two songs yesterday and one of it is their single "Undivided" that reached from top 4 then to top 3 in the billboard charts.

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photo coverage: The pinoy fans of Mario Maurer @ fan con

PA285305 PA284800
PA284805 PA284804
I roam around the Plenary Hall to take pics of some of the fans of Mario Maurer. Thanks everyone for smiling infront of my camera. There are more photos below and see how they went wild after seeing Mario Maurer in person. If you saw your photos here, feel free to download and save it.

more photos below

photo coverage: Mario Maurer For Penshoppe Fan Conference

PA285297 PA285372
PA285167 PA285182
Mario Maurer For Penshoppe Fan Conference was held at the PICC Plenary Hall, there were around 2,000 fans attended the 1st ever fan conference in the country, the main feature of the show is for the fans to see Mario Maurer and get a chance to meet him in person, the set up is like a concert and felt that it was a Mario Maurer and Penshoppe variety show. Pan-Asian girl group Blush performed two songs that day and Its their 2nd visit here in Manila, It was great to see them alive and kicking performing their hit single “Undivided”, Angeli, our pinoy member in Blush have her own fans screaming in the venue, while me and Myke are screaming to Ji Hae hahahah.

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Pinoy Gaming Festival 2011 this Oct 28-30

Pinoy Gaming Festival Ad
There's a Pinoy Gaming Festival 2011 happening today in Cyberzone area of SM North Edsa, the gaming event will start today Oct 28-Oct 30. There will be gaming demos and tournament for DOTA, Starcraft, cosplay, photo contest and the first ever planking contest! hahahahha. Also the reigning cosplay queen Alodia Gosiengfiao will be there to join the fun..get a chance also to have a game match with her. check out the poster above and schedules below.

more details below

Starbucks Philippines releases the "Starbucks Shared Planet Planner 2012"

PA274716 PA274738
PA274660 PA274657
Starbucks Coffee will release their 9th edition of their annual Starbucks Coffee planner this November 3 in all branches, and this coming 2012 it’s a new edition with 5 kinds of cover made of engineered wood (manufactured man made wood) and the size is much smaller and a size of a 7 inches computer tablet. It’s a time of the year to collect those stickers and get a free Starbucks planner 2012. I was there last night at the big unveiling together with the Starbucks bloggers group, and everyone were excited to see the new planner, and it was the star of the night.

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

photo coverage: YouTube Philippines launch

PA264510 PA264476
PA264465 PA264528
"Finally!" - that was my first comment about the YouTube Philippines launch when I first read the news on a local broadsheet few weeks ago, I became interested to learn more and discovered the benefit to us users, viewers and media publishers the way we share video content worldwide will give more access, opportunities and also earn money from it. Our top tv network just joined the YouTube partner program and expect an official YouTube channel for the shows created by TV5, GMA and ABS CBN, and many other groups and companies.

Our government and the Malacanang also joined and will have its own official YouTube channel. There's also an upcoming YouTube Worldview worldwide event on No. 4 and featured on the hot seat is our Philippine President Noy Noy Aquino, viewers can send in questions to President Aquino, and then selected questions will be viewed and answered by President Aquino live on the video stream at YouTube.

Now that I'm informed about the YouTube partner program, I just got the energy back to publishing video blogs and will use YouTube more often. Its cool di ba? Check my YouTube channel -

Here are some photos that I took from the event last night, Its a photo ambush around the floor.. nice to meet everyone at Whitespace venue.

more photos below

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Black Eyed Peas and Blush will party rock the MOA grounds this October 25th #smartbep #smartnetphone

Tomorrow is the big night for the return of The Black Eyed Peas for their concert tomorrow October 25, 2011 in SM MOA Concert Grounds, so don't forget to buy your ticket and don't miss the biggest party concert of the year. BEP will be joined by the 1st Pan-Asian girl group Blush as special guest for BEP's concert.

Also I just received a news that there will be a new section for the Black Eyed Peas concert in Manila, there's this party section opened up by San Miguel Oktoberfest. There's an entrance fee of P499 with free beer. The party section tickets can be availed via,,, and

This is brought to you by Futuretainment, MMI and San Miguel Beer Oktoberfest!

Are you ready ??

watch out also for my tweet and FB updates re: their press con tonight, all of the updates is via the use of my Smart Netphone.

Cylindrical shape UFO sighted this morning in Cavite, Philippines or it could be a German satellite crashing back to Earth ?

magnified ufo daw
I don't know what I shall call it, but its a plain unidentified flying object, because I can't even identify it if its a plane, a balloon or a space debris, let us use that name and not associate it yet with some kind of alien invasion. I spotted this UFO thing floating or might be hovering over the skies of Cavite earlier (date: Oct 24, 2011 at 8:30am). I went out that morning to fix something in the garage and I have this habit of observing the sky whenever I see some cloud formations and even if the skies are blue and clear. I saw the object floating on the spot, It got my attention so easily because it stand out with the clouds and sky and it is easy to spot it, bec. I'm used to see and observe flying planes around us, above our house is also an air highway for planes.

After doing some research, the hovering object thing might be the same cylindrical UFO that was spotted in the skies of Great Britain last 2007 and you can check out a video footage here taken by an observer. Our other findings that the floating object might be that sky hook balloon, but it looks like not a balloon and there's no balloon on top of the cylinder object. We know that UFOs that is associated with alien beings from another world are documented via drawings from ancient times and it is just a visual presentation from the old times on what they saw over the skies during events or happenings. Its a weird shape for a UFO space ship, because we know that UFO space ships have a feature of a cigar shape or like a saucer, but years ago around the 1990's, UFO space ship was spotted in Manila and its weird because it has a wing on a side, similar to that wing found on the helmet of greek god messenger Mercury, I think that was the only sighting that is believable, but too bad I missed some minutes of the amazing sight and I saw only photos on newspaper a day after.

This cylindrical shaped object might be a transport ror a space pod or even a space debris from that ROSAT German satellite that just crashed here on Earth (it was scheduled to fall on Oct 23- Sunday and fall here in South East Asia) , but if it will crash, why is that it hovers and flew away out of our sight and never crashes here on land. Here are some interesting stories about that cylindrical UFO that was spotted since the 1940s. Here's a video what it will look like if ROSAT crashes to Earth

here are some photos below

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Etcetera - new fashion tv show to air tonight in ETC

There's a new fashion tv show, Etcetera will air tonight at 7:45pm in ETC channel, I always see their tv commercial whenever we're watching a show in ETC. I'm very curious on how will they deliver some features of fashion, beauty and new trends for the youth. The show will be hosted Patti Grandidge and on-the-scene reporter Kim Jones.

Yeah, I love watching fashion tv shows even that I'm a guy, started watching it since the "F" show years ago.

Blog Feature: Fiesta Casinos at Thunderbird Resorts Rizal

On the 2nd day of our stay at Thunderbird Resorts Rizal, the management accompany us on a little tour inside their Fiesta Casino building, here in Rizal, they opened 32 gaming tables and 455 slot machines as soon as they opened last 2004, that's 17 Baccarat, 4 Roulette, 3 Ponton, 2 Draw Poker,2 Paigow Poker, 2 Three Cards Poker, and 2 Texas Hold'em, and I just learned that on 2006, at Poro Point branch, they have 29 gaming tables and 285 slot machines.

Casino gaming is a growing industry here in the Philippines, and in Asia it is a multi billion dollar industry growing in Macau and Singapore, here in our country, casinos are managed by hotels, resorts and PAGCOR. They have 500 casinos, 400 Indian casinos and bingo halls, and about 280 hotel casinos with annual revenue of 90 billion dollars, most popular they have is the MGM Mirage, Harrah's Entertainment and FoxWoods Resort Casino. In the Philippines we have low number of casinos, and one of it is the Fiesta Casinos at Thunderbird Resorts Rizal and in Poro Point.

more story and photos below
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