Saridon - the fastest headache killer in 15 minutes

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Having a severe headache in a normal day is painful and this will make you stop working or even watch TV. Many pinoys experience severe and mild headaches, because of our hot weather in our land and also we get headaches when are stressed and tired. I hate having a headache if my mission for the day is finish a deadline or watch a movie premiere and write a review for my blog, Its hard to live with headaches and at the same time you are doing something that needs more focus, but headaches are notorious to hit hard on your head and affects your concentration, focus and also eye sight, for my experience I rather stay in bed and sleep just to take headaches away.

I asked my Facebook friends on how they can beat headaches without taking medicines, it was a great crowd research for me and learned that one of their advise is to drink the coldest drink or eat halo halo and get a brain freeze, because the brain freeze will take away the headaches and pain in your head, but no scientific proof yet, but to others who experienced it, they say that it is very effective. My problem is that I love cold drinks and it will take more time for me to experience a brain freeze. Others say that eating an apple can take the headache away, and others say drink coffee or a “matapang na barako kape”, because it is one of the advise of our elders, because coffee relaxes us and it takes away headache.

For taking medicines or drugs, I got introduced to Saridon, a new formulated drug from Bayer that contains a unique combination of ingredients that deliver faster, more effective headache relief than any single ingredient like Paracetamol, Asipirin or Ibuprofen tablets. Saridon have three main ingredients: Paracetamol, Propyphenazone PPZ (not Phenacitin) and Caffeine. Bayer says that with the combination of these three ingredients in a single dose, the Saridon user will experience a faster acting, more effective and longer lasting relief. Saridon is forumated and designed for severe headaches and this is not a pain killer for muscles, this is a medicine for headaches only.

The quantities of each ingredient in Saridon is a 250mg Paracetamol, 150mg PPZ and 50mb Caffeine.

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I did a research and learned that Caffeine is proven a neuro-stimulant and also as a metabollic stimulant. Caffeine is very addictive,especially to people who started drinking coffee every morning and afternoon. I also drink coffee every morning and this keeps me awake and oriented for the day that I woke up, I drink coffee to relax myself while working. I read online that caffeine is also a mild natural analgesic, meaning that the elders we were told about to drink coffee if we have headaches is really true.

So when caffeine - the mild natural analgesic combines with Paracetamol and Propyphenazone, it will have Saridon tablet as the fast acting headache and pain reliever.


"Paracetamol is still regarded by many as the first line of defense against mild-headaches and fever—a reputation it gained due to the fact that it is safe and affordable. Bayer has chosen to augment this in Saridon by adding propyphenazone, which is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) that has a fast onset, and caffeine, known worldwide as a stimulant and a natural analgesic, which improves the efficacy of paracetamol-based analgesics by up to 41%." -

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Here’s the TVC of Saridon that was aired early this year.

"Saridon launches nationwide with a new hard-hitting TV commercial depicting what it feels like to work while nursing a persistent headache - a situation which many people can identify with"

The TVC ad says that the Saridon tablet can deliver a 15 minute effect to take the headache away, so when I heard about this, I tried one tablet when I experienced a severe headache that night and after taking up a tablet, I started to work again and record the time when I feel that I’m okay and better and yes… is a 15 minute effect.

I tried taking Saridon tablet again when I have a headache on the way for a meeting in Makati, and I’m glad that I always carry a Saridon tablet inside my bag, I took the Saridon immediately before I step into the floor meeting and when we started the meeting, I’m okay and never complain of headaches again.


The last time I travel, I gave a Saridon tablet to a backpacker, because she complains of headache that day and she didn’t have enough sleep, I told her that Saridon is effective, and she’s happy that I got a Saridon tablet inside my camera bag hahahahah. For now on, where ever I go, in times of need to take away the headache immediately, I carry Saridon inside my bag. I try not to be addictive in taking medicines, I take Saridon ONLY if I experience a painful headache and not the mild ones.

I’m convinced to the formulation of Saridon and thanks to Bayer for introducing this new drug to us pinoys. I don’t take any tablets for headaches in my life ( I know the other brand, but I take them if ever I’m sick), but Saridon is purely for headaches only and I’m glad that I got introduced to Bayer’s new drug.

You can buy Saridon to any drug store over the counter with a price of Php 4.50 only! Yes that’s the cheapest drug ever! If you are not sure about Saridon, better consult a doctor before taking it.