Kroketten food stall opens in SM Mall of Asia to serve croquettes for only P35 (photo coverage)

Kroketten, a fried breaded roll of mashed potato and meat that you can partner with 9 kinds of sauce and flavorings, opened their 1st food store in the terminal south area of SM Mall of Asia. Kroketten is the name of the store that serve this yummy croquette, although that it is from Dutch origin, we pinoys love this roll and sometimes we call it finger food, best served during beer drinking hours and in the old times, this is only served to upper class people. But today, the joys of eating croquette can now be experienced by trooping to SM MOA and buy your own kind of croquette with different kinds of flavors - from chicken, tuyo, cheese and etc, and select your sauce for your dip with their 9 kinds of sauce.

I took few pics only for my blog because I got busy eating these fried rolls and they are keep coming and popping in front of me in the table hahahah. The owners got the idea to open a food stall when they learned that there are no store or food stall that serves croquettes, its such a great gift for us pinoys, because we will now enjoy eating croquettes for only P35. Kroketten also serves fresh juice - orange and strawberry and those cute mini kroketten balls.

here's my photo coverage from yesterday's event.

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