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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Beware of fake Sanyo Eneloop battery sold in markets

Long life battery is now required for today's new technology with digital cameras only supported by AAA batteries and other devices that requires more juice to power up the gadget. When I started using a digital camera, I always end up buying the same alkaline battery brand, and then throw the dead batteries away after using, but I realized that I create a lot of tech waste and its harmful for the environment, so I decided to use rechargeable batteries. I learned about Sanyo’s Eneloop batteries from other photographers, they use the brand in powering up their external flashes because the Eneloop has more juice to power it up.  I switch to Sanyo Eneloop and bought some in a camera store and also from an online store in Multiply. I ‘m now using the battery for my camera’s external flash and also remote controlled toys. (btw you can throw your old batteries by visiting some shopping malls that collects tech waste, they have a disposal box available infront of the entrance of the mall)

Then I read from a fellow photographer and member of Cavite Camera Club, Star Sabroso, he posted in our Facebook page the official announcement from Sanyo Electric Co Ltd Japan about the rampant selling of fake Sany Eneloop in the market, it’s a big shock for me to discover this and I want to share this news to everyone that you should be aware of the fake Eneloop being sold in the tiangges, bangketas or black/grey market. I checked online if CDR King sell the fake ones, but I’m glad that they carry the original ones, but I’ll check it myself later to see the real thing. Also I went to to check out our sellers if they carry the originals, and then the result is that they all carry the original versions, I bought 4 packs already and I’m glad that I got the original version.

I think the fake Eneloop are being sold in the black market area only. I’ll check our market if they sell this and if the price is the same as the original one. (cough...St. Francis Sq is the best place to start hehehe)

Using the fake Eneloop is dangerous because the battery might overheat and explode,worse part is that the fake battery can leak and it can damage your gadget or camera.  Buy the original Sanyo Eneloop only to official dealers.

Read the scanned news below, published in Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Thanks Star Sabroso for this tip!
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