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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Rock rockan na sa Tanduay Rhum Rockfest 2012

Suddenly...I forgot that I haven't attended this only rock event we have in the Philippines and I'm missing a lot of rock music in my life. The Tanduay Rhum Rockfest this Oct 26 in SM MOA concert grounds will bring again our awesome 30 pinoy rock bands!! Check the details below on how you can score tickets.

- I'll just copy paste the full details -


One Nation. One Music. One Rhum.

What we have here is a dire situation.

With the digital age upon us, convergence of information, technology and entertainment impact on how we consume media, more so with music. Easier access to music is a reality; in our phones, our players, our tablets, and our internet browsers. In order to stay alive, our local music industry must step up with the times.

Often now, we see giant recording label conglomerates shutting their offices, radio stations closing shop or changing formats, legendary bands calling it quits, and seminal performers leaving the land because they have run out of opportunities in their hometown. Meanwhile, foreign acts of all genres continue to dominate and invade the airwaves and the event scene. Local music is running out of venues – and reasons – to keep playing. If this keeps us, OPM will die.

Tanduay, The Number One Filipino Rhum, will not let this happen. Not without a fight.

Tanduay has always been a constant advocate of Filipino music. For almost 6 years now, Tanduay has owned the Filipino rock genre. Since 2006, Tanduay has front lined its liquor brands by incorporating Music Marketing into its campaigns. It has created strong connections between young avid music listeners and their favorite rhum.

Tanduay continues to produce the biggest and loudest nationwide tour; the Tanduay First Five. Performing in 22 cities across the country, in far most provinces, only Tanduay continues to bring local rock music closer to the people. The country’s reigning rock royalty; Urbandub, Kamikazee, Parokya ni Edgar, Rico Blanco and Wolfgang, all go onstage to show that Filipino Rock music is not dead – with attendance of over 30,000 people per event, the Tanduay First Five proves that our people are still hungry for Pinoy Rock music.

As Parokya ni Edgar Frontman, Chito Miranda, would say, “It brings the bands closer to the fans. It gives us the chance to play Pinoy music all over the country. Bands like us live for live gigs and there is no better way to promote pinoy music. Watching or hearing someone singing on TV or on the radio is nothing compared to actually seeing the artists perform their original songs live. Tanduay does that for us, for the fans, and for the local music scene.”

Ikaw, Ako At Ang Musika
This year’s TanduayRhumRockfest is set to be the most ambitious project ever produced by Tanduay.

For 2012, the annual music event will be bigger and louder. Tanduay will rock not just Metro Manila, but Cebu and Davao as well, expecting around 80,000 audience in Manila, and an estimate of 50,000 per venue in Cebu and Davao– destined to be the biggest events ever produced.

Tanduay believes in the power of the people – and in our great local music. Thus, Tanduay is raising a call to arms – to keep OPM alive and rockin’. Tanduay aims to unite Filipinos, artists and music lovers alike, in one movement.

“When Tanduay speaks, the whole nation listens. It is important to the bands that they see their years of hard work acknowledged with that kind of recognition. As artists, it is also important for them to be able to interact with other great musicians and to build relationships on and off stage, something which no other tour can provide,” says Wolfgang band manager, Lizza Nakpil.

Given that the brand’s target market is very much into music and patronizes Filipino-made products, Tanduay aims to instill consciousness in today’s generation by advocating OPM.  The campaign aims to infuse in the hearts and minds of today’s generation the will to keep supporting OPM.

This year’s RhumRockfest will immortalize support to OPM by creating a movement. We can all take part in this movement, musicians and non-musicians alike, to start listening to more local music and supporting our very own brands. It is time to bring the days of Pinoy Rock music back to its former glory.

Tanduay, makers of world class quality Filipino Products has been long loved by the Filipinos over 158 years. It has already claimed the label of most trusted Filipino-made Rhum in the Philippines. With its strong association with Filipino Rock Music and with Tanduay being a true Filipino brand, we believe that this year’s advocacy is aligned with the brand’s mantra.

The TanduayRhumRockfest TVC
This year’s TVC campaign for TanduayRhumRockfest is the brand’s most moving and ambitious one to date. The Tanduay First Five bands continue to lead the movement, marching towards one goal - supporting OPM through TanduayRhumRockfest.

The message of OPM will be amplified via mainstream media. Partnering with ABS-CBN, Tanduay launched the “OPM I-play mo” campaign. It is a news-led campaign, enticing people to listen to OPM. It is a simple, actionable campaign – a call to action for people to play OPM on the airwaves, or in their own playlist. In their own little way, they will be able to glorify original Filipino Music.

The Anthem
This year’s mantra culminates with an anthem, inviting people to be one in voice. It is Tanduay’s long-standing belief, finally manifested in words and music.

Ikaw, ako, at ang musika.Tanduay has created an anthem in the native tongue, with lines that resonate a pledge to support OPM. The place is here, and the time is now – Itaas ang lakas ang bandila ng musikang Pilipino.

The Line-up
On its 6th run, this year’s line-up of RRF includes a roster of Filipino rock icons dedicated to promoting Filipino local music. It is the most powerful line up ever, putting the artists in their rightful spotlight. This will prove that Filipino rock is still as its peak. The legends will perform with up-and-coming artists on the same stage. It is a celebration of legacy and promise, all in one night.

30 Rock icons will be playing in Manila on October 26, 15 in Cebu on October 12 and 15 in Davao October 19.

Promo Mechanics
Tanduay will provide easy steps for everyone to enjoy TanduayRhum Rock Fest Year 6.

Just buy 2 bottles of Tanduay Rhum 5 Years 750 ml and 1 bottle of Tanduay Light 750 ml to get your VIP ticket. Buying 1 bottle of either Tanduay Rhum 5 Years 750 ml or Tanduay Light 750 ml gets you a General Admission Pass.

Tanduay – More Up Ahead
Tanduay is moving forward not just with its advocacy, but with its brand line-up as well. This year, Tanduay earned its 160th medal, with the addition of 4 more golds from the prestigious Monde Selection.

The brand wants Filipinos to keep enjoying great music with great drinks. Tanduay released a lot of new products this year. One is Tanduay Light, a new version of our favorite rhum that promises great taste in a lighter mix. Another product is Mardi Gras vodka schnapps which comes in two flavors – Choco mint and Mango Orange. In addition, your favorite mixed drinks are now available in the market. The Tanduay cocktails was also released in Mojito, Margarita, Blue Mai Tai, and Strawberry Daiquri.

Long Live Pinoy Rock!
As long as companies like Tanduay continue to support the OPM advocacy, there will always be hope for the music scene. Tanduay First Five tours and TanduayRhumRockfest events will continue to inspire rising musicians to hone their craft. Tanduay will carry on in mounting a platform where citizens can support and show their love for local music. Tanduay aims to inspire and motivate Filipinos to truly love their own – local products, local music.

As Tanduay Rock Royalty Rico Blanco would testify,“With its Tanduay Rhum Rockfest events, Tanduay First Five tour and sponsorship of similar huge music events in the past half decade, Tanduay has taken local music to heights it well deserves but has NEVER experienced before. I don’t think local music has ever been given a stage with the best production values, regularity and consistency – year round for half a decade now, breadth – nationwide, and always in front of mammoth crowds of at least 30,000 to 60,000 people each time, sometimes even more. Tanduay has been leading the way, walking the walk, in terms of supporting local music. That is just plain fact.” Tanduay indeed proves that OPM is not dead.

While what we have here is a dire situation, we can all do something to change it.

Be part of the movement and show your love for Pinoy Rock. Raise your arms, stomp your feet, and join the nation in declaring our pledge to keep the music alive.




BAND LINE-UP (October 26, 2012 SM MOA):

Parokya ni Edgar


Rico Blanco



Session Road


Never the strangers

Ebe Dancel

True Faith

The Youth

Gloc 9




Grin Department



Dong Abay

The Dawn


Giniling Festival


Radioactive Sago Project






Taken by Cars


October 12, 2012 – SRP Cebu

October 19, 2012 – Crocodile Park, Davao

October 26, 2012 – SM MOA

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