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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Free webinar for Pinoys : learn how to get work online and be a virtual assistance and content writer

The knowledge you will get from this free webinar this Nov 11 in a Google Hang out environment organized by Maribeth Brown-Oliver, a professional freelance virtual assistance and content writer, will answer all the question we faced every time we met a friend or someone who knows it..  "how do we earn money online?" "how do we get jobs and work at home ?"  "you go to the beach every week and still you are working and earn money at the same time"

Yes, the feeling is awesome when you work at home and be with your family and hang out with your friends anytime, but there are levels of expertise that you must understand on how to be a professional Work-At-home person. Back in the year 2001, I just learned the way of the force! , the online force (you will understand this if you are a Star Wars fan haaha),  I just use my mobile phone and read that I got new clients for a digital publishing gig, and I was there infront of a sunset in a private owned beach rest house in Batangas, sipping an iced tea and watch the sea calms down, I pop up my laptop and started working for some hours and then boom! I got paid after it. How cool is that, with a single push of a button, I'm already working hahhaahh. And the next year is that I discovered that I'm already blogging, then become a working student during 2006 and didn't know that I'm already a virtual assistant to this USA based comic artist talent agency.

Same thing also for blogging, and other things, but online work at home is changing so fast and today we have an additional career - social media management. The webinar will show you the way on how you can be a virtual assistant and also a content writer.

below are the details in copy paste format :)

webinar starts on Nov 11 at 8am in a Google Hangout

Webinar on Virtual Assistance and Content Writing
For non-FWAH members, please like our page.

Thank you.

I want to spend one hour on a Sunday to talk about the basics of working from home as a Virtual Assistant and Content Writer to those who are interested enough with the topic but just don't know how to start. Google Hangout can only accomodate 10 participants

- Nature of working online
- Demands and requirements in the online industry.
- How can you fit in as an applicant.
- How to apply

The next succeeding topics would depend on your requests. Once we reach 10 participants, others can book the next webinar.

How to get in Google + Hangout
1. Simply have a Gmail account, a working headset and webcam (optional). You might need to install Google Hangout on your browser to enable webcam calls.

2. Send me your email addresses via PM. Please do not post it here for your own good. And when you do please make sure to attend, so that I can give a slot to others if you can't make it.

3. On the webinar date, wait for my invitation via email. simply click on the link to join.

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