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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Digital Marketing Workshop this Nov 17 organized by Jeoff Solas

Jeoff Solas organized this Digital Marketing Workshop, and this will be on Nov 17 at the A venue Mall in Makati. Just read the details below to understand the importance of this workshop. This will be a good start for local businesses to learn more about digital marketing and how they can use it for their business and also to get ideas to apply it for their growth.

There are lots of materials online and free webinars discussing the use of digital marketing, but the question will start from you “if your business really needs it and be ready for it”, but if you don’t know yet the answer and want to learn more, I suggest you attend this digital marketing workshop, its just a 5 hours of lecture by 3 speakers, all info are juicy as they will provide lots of examples that happened in the marketing world.

Don’t press that button first, don’t put up your Facebook page if you don’t know how to use it, don’t ever post that your breakfast is tapsilog on your company owned Twitter account, don’t post your drunk photos on the net while you run an advocacy group about drunk driving, there are lot of things to learn and don’t be left behind as technology and social media are evolving so fast and while there are lots of soooooo expensive digital marketing workshop organized every year, why wait for another year? you can start here and then move forward with no hassle.

I’ll just copy and paste all the info here.

Event details:
On November 17, 2012 from 1-6pm at the 3 floor of A. Venue Mall, Makati Ave. a digital marketing workshop will happen. It has been a year since the blog has started, The Teacher Is Blogging, it grows as a venue where people can find more interesting analysis of every day events. You may say that it is a celebration, indeed the engagements will be very exciting as prizes will be given away by various sponsors. Best of all, for a very reasonable fee of PHP1,000.00 already includes a good set of snacks as provided by Chef Vonn Events and Catering Services. This event is also sponsored by BigShift Creative Centrale, one of the new favorite hang-outs in Makati City. (They hold their regular Friday gig, Acousteoke)
What are the topics and who are the speakers?
From Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP) as one its Board of Directors, Coni Cruz. She was one of the facilitators and mentors in the E-Learning Edge behind the program of Certified Digital Marketers in cooperation with ADMU. Currently she is the Digital Strategy Manager at Henderson Blake. With her expertise, she can definitely bring industry practices particularly in setting up an effective digital campaigns.
He is a household guy in every blogging conferences with strong SEO corporate background. Tof Salcedo is the Founder and Director of SEOPinas Web Consulting and Design. He will handle effective blogging techniques either you're a new or aspiring blogger. If you think blog simply ends by just simply publishing it online, well that's an old trick and got to be updated asap.
Then from LiberatingJepoy a member of the Academe, a Certified Digital Marketer and with extensive offline and online marketing expertise from both local and multinational firms. He is one of the officers of the fastest emerging social media advocacy in the Philippines, The Love Yourself. Currently he holds his own digital PR Consultancy named after LiberatingJepoy.
What can you expect?
  • Program starts on time and with flexibility, flexibility to the sequence of events, there are a lot of things to be tackled and let's figure out what causes the most effective strategies and even what went wrong? Remember Bayo campaign boos? How about Veet with Daniel Matsunaga? Well those are just a few, and of course can we forget the CyberCrime Law?!
  • Fun engagements, not just unfreezing sessions, group dynamics on case studies. No technicalities, everything has a helpful template format to assist the participants, and yes there is limited number of participants. This is to ensure that all will be given a chance to ask questions or make suggestions directly.
  • and other complementary information or hand-outs, most of all PRIZES from the sponsors. The participation in this event will provide advantages in future workshops and/or events.
So to avail Early Bird Discount of 20%, reserve now until November 10, 2012 thru payment at BPI - 3569-1382-63, kindly take a snap shot of bank receipt and send it via email
So this Christmas, as we start a new year, let's understand more what can either as individuals or brands could do online. Instead of our hesitations, let's strengthen our online prowess.
Let's Do It! Register and see you there!
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