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Monday, December 10, 2012

Ashton's toy of the month in December 2012

I think this will be a good post to collect all toys that we bought for the entire month for Ashton, so that I can track on how many toys we acquired for the entire month.

We're planning to create a blog for Ashton, but I'm still thinking about the title and the contents to be posted there. When he grows up, maybe there will be a time that he will take over his own blog and also this blog.

ashton's new toys of the month
Ashton is now a big fan of the Avengers, he just discovered it when he joined me watching the Avengers cartoons, we finished the entire Season 2, his first favorite is Hulk and then he wants to be Captain America. I’m glad that I bought this Captain America figure last month and it’s the perfect figure and look for Captain America with out any funny add ons. Bought this one from Toy Kingdom, SM Makati
ashton's new toys of the month
Lace chose this kitchen toy for our kid, she loves to play with Ashton and pretends to be a chef, he cooks in his little play area when he sees Aunt Yeyey preparing food for lunch. We bought it from Toy Kingdon, SM Makati

ashton's new toys of the month
It’s one of our mission to collect all Petron Porsche toy cars, we let go of the Shell LEGO Ferrari toy car set because the required receipt is too much and we like the Porsche toy cars from Petron because it is a lot more high tech and fun to play with it. Mama bought this at P180 and gave it to Ashton. yey! thanks Mama.

ashton's new toys of the month
When we are in Toys R Us in Makati, me and Ash got a hard time buying a new toy, so we grabbed this Hot Wheel toys and placed in our toy basket.

ashton's new toys of the month
We’re looking for a new toy for Ashton, not a diecast car or another kitchen toy, I want him to appreaciate the awesomeness of the Transformers toys, here I chose the Bot Shots series. Its an easy Transformers toy that you can tranform the car in just one click, and it can battle head to head to other robots by winning on how to transform first to robot mode.

ashton's new toys of the month
Mcdonalds releases their new Happy Meal toys and its from the movie – Rise of the Guardian, we bought one and we target to grab Jack the Frost first.

ashton's new toys of the month
Here’s a weird toy that we bought from Toy Kingdom Express, it’s a Flat Ryder toy car, if you push the top of the toy car, it will go flat and it converts back to its car shape. I don’t know why they make this kind of toy, hahahahah.. I bought it for only P40.

Expect more toy features here in my blog.
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