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Monday, December 10, 2012

Dinner at Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe - SM Mall of Asia

We’re a fan of this Xin Wang Hong Kong Café in SM Mall of Asia, we love the food and the price they offer to us customers. I like also the set up and interiors of the resto and our kid Ashton loves to eat here, his favorite is the Chicken porridge, he loves to eat it since he was 1 year old. Its quite and the service is fast.

After our malling and shopping that weekend, Me, Lace and Ashton went here in Xin Wang to eat our dinner and go home early, it was suppose to be our merienda but we ordered lots of heavy and good food for us three.
Char Siew Dry Noodles
Lace and Ashton’s food, my wife loves Char Siew and here at Xin Wang their version is that there are too many beef and veggies than the noodles, its okay and it’s a winner for us.

Braised Beef Brisket Soup Noodles
I missed Hong Kong…super..and I love noodles, that’s why I ate noodles there in HK for three days hahaha, just to taste the real thing, but here in Xin Wang HK Café, they gave me a taste of another HK moments and I love the soup, lots of noodles and soft beef. ohhmyyy yummy!

Just to put a heavy meal in our tummy! hahaaah.. This Hakao is an all time favorite

Iced Lychee Tea and Iced HK milk tea
My 2nd time to order this iced lychee tea and I love the big serving of beverage in a nice big of driking bottle. Lace ordered that Iced HK Milk tea, not sure if she liked it, I didn’t even tried drinking it.

I saw online at Munch Punch that Xing Wang HK Café offers ramen, I’m going to try their ramen next time, because I’m love ramen!!!!
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