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Monday, December 10, 2012

Tech hunting day in SM Cyberzone

I visited SM Cyberzone once more to check out some tech and gadgets, there are times that a store refreshes their stock and introduces a new product. While we roam around the tech hub, my wife got the idea to convert the sound system in her car and use our iPod touch, I told her that she need first a car USB charger for iPhone or iPod touch, we also need that cassette link up to the radio player and the iPod touch, then after roaming around the store, I saw that there’s a 3 in 1 car usb charger, I told her that we can buy that next time so that we can use the charger for iPod touch, iPhone and the GPS gadget, can be plugged and charge at the same time.

We created a list and then kept it in our must have items for the family, and then I checked out the stores and saw some interesting gadgets.

tech hunting day in SM Cyberzone
I’m still searching for an affordable Android tablet, then I saw this new brand distributed by a store in SM Cyberzone, but its just a 1GHZ Android tablet, and the funny add on here is that you can watch tv with it.
Oh wait… I’m reading the label again and its not a tablet…. it’s a smartphone with TV!

tech hunting day in SM Cyberzone
I’m tempted to buy this speaker that vibrates the water inside the glass tube and then lights illuminate the water based on the wave of tunes coming from your mp3 player. This is sold at Octagon and its so small and cute. I hope that they can release a bigger version. The water and light moves and interacts with the wave of sound coming from the audio source.

tech hunting day in SM Cyberzone
Bluetooth headsets are so expensive, I’m glad that other brands are coming up with their own affordable version, I will try this bluetooth headset when I visit the store again this month.

tech hunting day in SM Cyberzone
Ah!! here’s the tablet, I’ll check for reviews and videos about this tablet, looks okay and sobra mura!

tech hunting day in SM Cyberzone
I saw this bluetooth alarm clocks, I don’t know if ever I needed them in my life.

tech hunting day in SM Cyberzone
But I’m tempted to get one and it will be useful to wake me up in the morning. I think its an alarm clock and radio with bluetooth

tech hunting day in SM Cyberzone
The Philips sync charger and stand looks nice, it gives convenience to the user when playing or browsing content online. It’s like a portable dock that can be used in different ways. I’ll grab this gadget soon!

tech hunting day in SM Cyberzone
Here’s the item that we’re looking for the USB charger for cars has a three USB slots, it is priced at P300 and it can serve three gadgets at the same time. Looks like our GPS will be revive again.

Watch out for more of my tech hunting blog updates whenever I visit stores and tech hubs like SM Cyberzone.

update 2:
I did a quick search about Royquee brand, and saw that they carry lots of kinds of gadgets, check out their local FB page -
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