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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Friday date with a Wendy's BBQnator burger

Wendy's BBQnator
Fast food meals are getting better, because our appetite wants more and the value for money is one of the most important for us, there are trends that with a small amount of money, you can enjoy a satisfying meal from a resto with a taste of slight luxury for your tummy. Fast food is having a big revenge and we can see here through the menu of Wendy’s, when they first launch the Baconator back in 2008, my thoughts that Wendy’s has gone nuts already and this burger beats down all fast food chains in the country for offering the bad ass burger in town. But after 4 years, the Baconator invites his brother to join the fun to place it self in the crazy burger map here in the Philippines.

At first I thought that it will be called the Baconator’s brother, but its official ,and its called “BBQnator”. It’s a Baconator burger with a little upgrade - still contains 2 juicy 2 quarter pound of imported beef patties, with 6 strips of tasty smoked bacon, with 2 slices of American cheese, spreaded with a yummy savory hickory barbeque sauce, and topped with crunchy onion rings.

(read my story here on how we conquer the 1st Baconator back in 2008 - )

The BBQnator is priced at :
P255 for ala carte
P315 for a combo meal (with drinks and fries)

And also if there's a Son of a Baconator, there's also a Son of a BBQnator, yeah and they are cousins.

The Son of a BBQnator is priced at:
P156 for ala carte
P198 for combo meal

The burger-nator series is available in all Wendy’s branch nationwide.

Last Friday, I was invited for a food tasting with the BBQnator, Jonel and Wendy’s prepared something for us to try and understand the relationship between these two monster burgers.

It’s the same size as the Baconator, but there’s monstrous difference from the inside and when you look at it, there’s an onion rings and a hickory sauce inside.

Wendy's BBQnator
It taste the same, but the smokey and savory of the hickory sauce and the crunchyness of the onion rings added more new flavors for your BBQnator. I almost gave up and started to use the fork in eating this burger, compared to the Baconator that I can conquer it in just minutes, but the BBQnator almost pinned me down after eating its 80% of burger. Its juicy crunchy and I love it, but then its too big for me, and because of that I’m not satisfied with the Son of Baconator, but now, I’m starting to love the Son of a BBQnator (btw, we ate one last Sunday , expect a different post soon )

I was hoping that BBQnator should be upgraded more and add more burger patties just to make it more badder. Some of my blogger friends are looking for some pickles in the burger, I told them, if Wendy’s place pickles inside their burgers, it will look like a regular Big Mac hahahaha. But then, for a little upgrade, I agree that Wendy’s should add a special customization of BBQnator or Baconator , like make your own Frankenstein Burgernator – then let us choose if we want to add – more bacon, more onion rings, add some chili con carne, more pickles and a burger patty. That might add more family fo the burger-nator of Wendy’s, I petition that they should create their Father-burger-nator.

Wendy's BBQnator
The BBQnator and me

Wendy's BBQnator
I always order my burger with a biggie ice tea, but last Sunday, I requested for another round of Ice tea because the BBQnator needs a lot more push to my throat hahahah. Thanks Jonel for the additional drinks.

Wendy's BBQnator
Wendy’s also introduces a new set of food from their menu, Try their Onion rings, as they say its crunchier from the outside and softer from the inside. I’m not a fan of Onion Rings, but it’s a lot more different from the onion rings of other fast food joints. I love the crunchyness and its not that oily, others kasi their onion rings are covered with thick bread crumbs.

Wendy's BBQnator
That’s wraps up my date with Wendy’s…. let’s do more burger round up before the year ends.

Wendy's BBQnatorWendy's BBQnator Wendy's BBQnator
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