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Thursday, December 06, 2012

Injury after riding that kiddie ride on toy

I have an injury today and I got it from a fall while riding Ashton's ride on toy yesterday here at home. It's my 2nd time to fall when I rode the edge seat of the ride on toy. My weight shifted and the ride on flipped backwards hitting the floor with my left shoulder. At first I thought that it's just a minor injury, but I felt the pain when we went out to have coffee in a nearby mall. It was so painful and it drained all my energies for the night. It was a short date with my wife in a coffee shop and then we went to buy some food at the grocery. The pain is bearable, but then the pain went back at its painful stage at around 10pm, I felt the pain crawling up to the back of my neck and then down to my arms. I was about to post a blog entry last night, but the pain just keep on coming and it left me weak. So I went to bed early and try to have a nice rest and hope that it will be better the next day.

I was wrong after all, this morning, I can't get up out of the bed and I felt that my left arm above my elbow is in serious pain. I'm not sure if its broken or just a muscle strain, but I'm going to have some observation and if the pain is still there after a week, I'll visit a doctor and let them check it if there's any bone dislocation. My left arm still hurts when ever I type letters here in my laptop.

The ride on toy can carry adults too, Its safe for kids, but not for adults, just remember that you need to sit in the middle of the seat of the ride on toy and never on the edge of it, you might encounter on what happened to me. 1st incident is that when my kid want me to drive the ride on toy and then carry him while I sit with it, and then the ride on toy flip backwards and I'm glad that I hit the ground first and then I'm glad that I carry him at the front. That will be the first and last time. And yesterday, me and my kid are playing Avengers, he plays Thor and me as Captain America, I rode the ride on toy and as I stop, it flipped backwards, so there...lessons learned.

To adults, be careful in playing with this toy, and let the kids sit at the middle of the seat and not on the edge of it.
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