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Saturday, September 08, 2012

Friday, September 07, 2012

C-lium Fibre Lose More Live More Journey production note: Final checkup for the #cliumlosemore

I learned that i already lose 10lbs yey! Its a great reward fore after having a month of diet, no fast food, no coca cola, no sugar, sleep for 8 hours and never skip meals.

From 220lbs last month, now i weigh 210 lbs. my tummy is still the same size 44 inches, but they suggested that i need more workout. Okay that will be next mission to lessen my tummy to 35 inches

Blood extraction session welcomed me after i arrived hahhah, il figure out tomorrow if my cholesterol level goes down, well i hope.

Here's a quick blogpost about Marriott Cafe's new Teppanyaki Station

Im having some blogging hiccups for this week and im going mobile blogging as for the moment. Last night was the launch of the teppanyaki station at Marriott Cafe un Marriott Hotel Manila. The buffet section with a price of P1750 net includes everything and also the teppanyaki. Enjoy a food prepared customly for you by the grilled master.

Il post a separate blog post in detail once i have free time

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Another busy week

The other day was the best energy moment for my blog heart, I did a blog marathon and it turns out that I only posted 3 new contents in just one day, I'm starting to get rusty already in blogging and I'm doing lots of other things beside blogging for personal stuff, covering events and writing astig contents for everyone. I'll leave the town again to attend a meeting with Jim Paredes, and I'm so excited for that dinner meeting, its a rare event for me to receive a personal invitation to have a dinner with an awesome artist and celebrity.

Ok, I leave my blog hanging again for a couple of hours. see you around!

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Food for the Kung Fu Masters at Kung Fu Kitchen: Feast of Fury restaurant in SM City Manila

It’s a new foodie discovery for us to try the Chinese cuisine at Kung Fu Kitchen, located at the 4th level of SM City Manila. My visit here is in the right timing, because it was the 3 day sale event of SM City Manila and we are here for the 1st day to shop with my wife and we decided to try those new restaurants booming in SM City Manila, there’s also a new resto called Tokyo Grill, but we didn’t tried it because our tummies are so full and we let it go and promised to go back again. This is the 1st and only branch of Kung Fu Kitchen, and I heard that they might put up more branches around Manila, so watch out for it.

you may visit their Facebook page for updates -

They style of Kung Fu Kitchen is very unique, I like their interiors and design, and if you are a Kung fu movie fanatic or Bruce Lee fan, I’m sure that you will love to eat here because the template and everything around the restaurant are based on a Chinese scene of a kung fu movie.

When you enter the restaurant you’ll see a movie poster of Bruce Lee’s Game of death movie

And beside it is a real life size terracotta warrior statue, its solid rock and I’m sure this is just a replica

Inside the restaurant, you will fee that you are in China, the walls are plastered with actors and kung fu legend stars

A see through kitchen will let you watch your kung fu master chefs preparing your ordered food.
Its clean and quiet inside Kung Fu Kitchen: Feast of Fury restaurant.

The concept is cute and fun to see around the restaurant, the interiors serves as an attraction to customers and also give a nice vision of what a kung fu master can do during break time.
At the end of the restaurant, they have this light up set up, it’s a house with windows and light.

And here’s a cute light reflector hanging above the ceiling, it’s a cooking pan converted into a light shade.
I call it the Kawali light.

After we ordered our food (thanks to Ms. Ida and Ashley of Kung Fu Kitchen for accommodating our food adventure and blog feature), they gave us a complimentary Dragon Hot Red Tea, its an unlimited tea drink for dining customers, the glass is so cute and I want to take home with me.

The Kung Fu Kitchen menu, so weird that I’m looking at a Karate Kid and not a Kung Fu Warrior, btw the restaurant is the one responsible who brought to you awesome restos like Sumo Sam, Komrad, Kurosawa and many more.

Ah there you go!!! Bruce Lee in Action in the pages of the menu

My wife got surprised when she saw how affordable the price of their food. The trend here is that new restaurants like Kung Fu Kitchen, offers a on-the-budget price of their food, meaning, the price is low but the taste and serving is like from a fine dining restaurant.

another look of their menu

On the final page, you’ll see their milk tea selections. – a must try drink

Quail Egg Siomai (P55)
- Our 1st food on the table, Its my first time to eat a different version of siomai with quail eggs on top of it, there’s also a spicy soup oozing from the siomai, best serve when its hot.

Wintermelon milk tea (P85)
- One of the best seller as they say to other milk tea houses, but this version is much sweet and milky

Mango Yohgurt milk tea (P85)
- It’s the yummiest and super winner milk tea in town, I saw my wife’s face with lots of stars when she tried it, I did some taste test and its too sweet for me,  I’m weird because I’m not a fan of mangoes in my age.

I think the kung fu master chef tried to test us and they serve us this kung fu master’s food! omg!
I need some drunken master fighting stance when I eat this.

Kung Pao Rice (P148)
- a rice with a spice twist with peanuts and chilis. Not too chili but the rice is a little bit heavy and sticky, I like their Kung Pao Rice and this will be my most recommended rice to order.

Sausage Rice (P154)
- A lighter version of the Kung Pao Rice, but less chili and non sticky. There’s a spicey sausage included in the rice that are cut into small bits

Sauted Kenya Bean with minced pork and tofu strips (P155)
- I’ve tasted this before in Komrad (yes,they share the same cooking style and part of the menu), the Kenya beans are rare and its my 1st time to taste it and how different it is from our local beans veggie. Looks chili, but its just a spicey and salty flavor.

Szehuan eggplant with minced pork (P135)
- I’m not a fan of an eggplant, but I love to eat them if they are cooked in a tasty way, with this cooking version from Kung Fu Kitchen, the minced pork and breaded eggplant became a perfect match with a spicey Szechuan sauce. A must try and most recommended food to try.

Garlic Spare Ribs (P165)
- I enjoyed the garlic bits, but the spare ribs is so heavy and it left me full in minutes. The spare ribs are a perfect match for your sticky Kung Pao Rice.

Piggy Pao (P58)
- At 1st, I told them why is that their siopao looks weird. Then Ashley, manager of the resto told me that it’s a Piggy Pao, It’s a bola bola siopao with decorated style of a face of a pig. When I saw this, It reminded me of Super Boink.

Steamed brown rice (P55)
- For only P55, you can enjoy this eat and run meal, it’s a steamed rice with toppings of braised sauce, veggies and pork. Its one of the most ordered food for students here in SM Manila. If ever I will eat again, I will order this together with a yummy Szechuan eggplant
Ok time to eat!!! It’s the Feast of Fury
here’s a blurry photo of me and my wife Lace, kung fu food monsters hiyaa!!!!
Thanks to Ashley for guiding us about the food and also accommodating us and the rest of the bloggers

5 floors of shopping haven in SM City Manila, but today, the mall is transforming to a fashion and food hub in the heart of Manila. If you will be in town, make sure you drop by to Kung Fu Kitchen. I hope next time they should have a costume contest – people come in with their Kung Fu get up gets a free Brown Rice……if ever they defeat the kung fu master in a finger wrestling match heeheh.

Thanks and happy eating!

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