Hitting the deadline (again)

The whole month of September is the busiest month for me, I didn't expected that I almost surrendered with all the deadlines and also massive workloads that was left in me. It was a big challenge for me to do the impossible things and having these challenges made me more productive and learned new things. I remembered in the past that I always carry this journal with me, I write and write and record all the happenings in my life, its like blogging and writing a diary, but I call it my production notes of my every day life, it records names, phone numbers, emails, the food I eat, the person that I meet and notes of rants. I like to do that again and write a new journal for this year, but..carrying a big notebook is very bulky to me and now I only carry the small ones like those notepads, for me to write down notes so that I can remember it when I'll write an article or a blog post for my blog. Right now, I experienced another challenge and that is to complete all deadline and move on to the next level. I created another paper works and concepts to materialize that is for this coming month of October and I'm excited to move forward and do new things because there's a new stuff that I'll learn and use it for the next big challenge.